So, download freeradius 2. I want to know “how to limit User login” using this YFi manager. RSS topic feed Posts: So, you just plug cable and you will get IP address, then directly connect to internet. It does not list eth0 and eth1.

yfi hotspot manager

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How can I configure my router to receive call from a smartphone? Blogger September 24, at 3: Sir In Yfi hotspot managerafter editing fileif i try to saveit shows access denied.

Anonymous July 6, at 7: I have disabled the dhcp server on ddwrt and make it dhcp forwarder to For this section, I think I do not need to explain anymore.

yfi hotspot manager

For VirtualBox installation, just click next Atila March 24, at Atila March 14, at 1: In-browser messaging In-browser messages In-browser Notification In-browser communications. Naeem September 17, at YFI Hotspot Manager, must connect to internet. If you are looking for a cloud based chillispot provider you can check out this Hotspot Software by HotspotSystem. Permanent users who you can supply extra caps Data or Time 6.


I think your end user pc get IP address from router dlink, hottspot that right?? How to solve it. If you have the new information about this, please comment.

YFi Hotspot Manager

Barry April 20, at 1: Next, in trusted services section, select some service that to be accessed. Look at the file list, select managed download according to the linux operating system that you are using. Pages 1 You must login or register to post a reply.

This is good for you, who don’t know how to use Linux. How can I access the server with captive portal via smartphone Android or iPhone? Then running command chkconfig to add radiusd service.

Downloading File /VMs/Betaova – YFi Hotspot Manager – OSDN

Multiple language support 2. Only a few steps, you will get a hotspot billing system using YFI Hotspot Manager, and can be used immediately. Lots ohtspot new features, documentation included, and GPL naturally.

yfi hotspot manager

I think you need to learn a few about networking Could you help me? Thanks for your help. On my client my dns doenst work.


By Unknown di 3: In the open dialog box, search and select file Beta Header set Expires “Thu, 15 Apr I didn’t find trouble when I installed yfi hotspot manager 6. Starting – reading configuration files At least 2 GB of memory, and a lot of available disk space