Oct 1, Florida. Do you already have an account? Xbox Modding Resources old. Take a picture of the screen or write it down. Anyway, instead I recommend you simply drag and drop the files into Xplorer’s right hand pane. I softmodded my xbox then I used the aid disc to change the dash to xbmc.

xplorer360 original xbox

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No direct links to pirated content. You must log in or sign up to reply here. It’s possible but I forgot how.

xplorer360 original xbox

Im on windows 10, and the folders needed will not transfer to my flash drive. DinohScene Mar 28, See the Hosting Information page for more details. Log in or sign up in seconds. Just Windows being Windows, I guess. Just be aware that there’s a chance something might get connected in a weird way that causes damage. That’s what this sub is for. Your name or email address: After it was all set up I ran chimp and upgraded the hdd. Thanks for all your help! I used the hdd hot swap method to hack mine.

For me, this became part of my usual process and powering on the PC and letting it boot a little bit helped resolve that problem. Any other program or solution to this?


Xplorr360 a new link.

For me, it works perfectly on Windows 10 though. Others will probably say they’ve done it dozens of times with no problems but I’m xbod giving insight from my own experience.

Try to be fast when switching IDE cables. It is so long that I last used it I can not remember how it behaves exactly but I do remember the files I thought I’d copied were not shown when I relaunched Xplorer and displayed the content on the flash drive. I went to the extreme measure of taking out my HDD from my xbox and connecting it into my extra IDE port on my computer and still no results. I think as origjnal it either the flashdrive or its not possible to use windows I am thinking that even though my xbox sees the flashdrive im of the opinion it maybe xplofer360, does anybody have any ideas or thoughts on this?

For me, the PC I used had this problem and it was a big pain figuring it out. If you have no other means and you really don’t want to spend any money, it is an option. Perhaps it is being copied to the clipboard.


xplorer360 original xbox

Anyway, instead I recommend you simply drag and drop the files into Xplorer’s right hand pane. Remember kids, always zero-ize your HDD key!

Xplorer 360 Beta 6.7z

Xbox Modding Resources old. This is the route I took a while back after messing around with a couple flash drives that ended up not working. Let me try that and see if I have any luck. Never used it myself but possibly worth a go.

Xplorer Beta z : Xbox Scene : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Separate names with a comma. If drag and drop still doesn’t work and the FATX Formatter tool doesn’t make any difference then you’ll have to accept the flash drive’s Xbox compatibility is the problem. I think some usb devices just dont work