In the picture section you can see how you can use Squirter with only 2 wires soldered. Merci pour cette nouvelle version de DashLaunch. Team Xecuter is back with another update to the J-Runner Xbox hack. Logic Sunrise Limited Copyrights – Toute reproduction sans notre autorisation est interdite. The GlitchShark Updater has been released by the glitchteam.

xebuild gui 2.082

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So I go back to previous kernel and Dashlaunch 3.

xebuild gui 2.082

The app now supports identifying Corona motherboards and you can now also choose to build such images if you want… – Changed: Ma console continue de freezer sur le logo MS avec le nouveau kernel. The patch 2.0082 disable FCRT. Full installation and detailed instructions are available at the source. It will detect the CpuKey, Ip and Ldv of console.

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XeBuild GUI released!

Bitte deaktiviere deinen Adblocker auf dieser Seite. Contact us about this article. Today seems to be a good day for Xbox fans as the J-Runner app has been updated to version 0.

Thank you to sign in to post a 2.82 Heuuuu, I think I need help here. Your plugins could potentially cause problems, XBDM is known to cause games not to work or crash, and XeLive could also be causing you issues When searching for your console on the network for xell it’ll no longer spit out errors everytime it finds a computer but fails to download fuses it’ll no longer tell you it can’t decrypt kv when this happens – Fixed: Merci pour la news!


xebuild gui 2.082

Developer Zouzzz has released Updatespy. I think I’ll go back to the previous kernel time to find a solution with the new kernel. Finally fixed that display bug with Xell icon not beeing shown properly for RGH 2.

xebuild gui 2.082

We’ve had a lot of PS3 and PSP downloads lately so today we are glad to drop a little somthing for the Xbox crew out there. This program gives you the tools needed for hacking the Xbox The GlitchShark Updater has been released by the glitchteam.

You can now properly build nands without using a full dump again, forgot to think about linking some files in 2. It xeBuild GUI 2. Oui il inclus dashlaunch 3. You can 2.0882 auto turn off the console. Included in the pack is now also a retail SMC for corona – Fixed: Merci pour la maj.

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Now using proper corona SMC when building retail images Check back as we will be sure to keep you updated as any new releases come out. If you send me your settings i can doublecheck it on my jasper, if i can re-produce it maybe we can figure out what’s causing it, and from that solve the problem for next Dashlaunch release, it won’t be any xebuilf soon i don’t think, but we’ll atleast have it fixed for when it’s really needed.


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Es hat sich bereits 1 registrierter Benutzer bedankt. Sorry, here is the paste of my launch. Swizzy Thanks guj lot Please upload it to a site that don’t require me to understand french, and pm me the link instead.

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Replaced the RGH 2. I removed my cpu key, serial id and so one. Thanks Yes you can, but i don’t think that’s going to solve the problem, it might be a bug with something which your settings for dashlaunch creates, could you send me a pastebin of your dashlaunch settings?