Receiving device not included. It records signals at their primary level from antennae, receivers or down converters etc. Please refer to the brocure W-REC. Helpful information in the Product Summary is:. No price change in all valid offers. The software is available for download.

wavecom decoder

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Direct receiver control Automatic real-time signal classification and decoding Wideband 2 MHz and narrowband 96 kHz signal recording in baseband IQ and playback Automatic capturing of classification result into a user configurable database.

New XML message “License error: The demodulation result is visualized in the phase plane. This feature helps the user to have a quick check drcoder the signal wiring is correct. The CodeMeter license dongle is no longer necessary for our hardware decoder product.


It does not require a third-party receiving device anymore. Please use the Software Update form and indicate your card serial number SN. It assists the operator in analyzing the important signal parameters.


Pactor-4 mode completes the Pactor series in all Wavecom decoders: The easy-to-use user interface with well structured pull-down menus allows an operator to become familiar with the W-CODE in a short time. Enhance the voice quality to get more clear output on the speaker.

Performance improvement when recording wideband signals. Helpful information in the Product Summary is: This version contains significant performance improvement and a more intuitive user interface. Each signal can be detected in detail containing a number of sub-signals with their parameters.

Significant improvements and new features are:. With this feature the user can further analyze the encrypted vocoder bits. Helpful information awvecom the Product Summary is:.

Other features in this release are:. The software is available for download. It contains the following major functionalities:.

wavecom decoder

Detected signals can be saved with their time-stamp as an XML file for database compatible display and analysis. These features allow the system to be adapted to the client’s requirements and applications. With the launch of W74PC V8. This reduces the network load.


No price deocder in all valid offers.

wavecom decoder

We introduce a new hardware license carrier: This release includes significant improvements in various decoder modes as well. With this GUI user can create an alphabet table to map his own language. Additional, customer specific modes.

This feature savecom helpful for offline decryption analysis when the voice frames are encrypted.

WAVECOM Professional Decoder for Radio Waves

Pending orders will be delivered with this data storage extension without surcharge. We made a new release W61PC V7. W-SA works also as a “Frequency Search” strategy. With this enhancement both slots can be decoded simultaneously in two separate windows. New XML message indicating the release version number e.