War scrap .io

Warscrap.io is a multiplayer first-person shooter in which players battle the team against a team on steep and beautiful maps. Each player can create an account or simply start the game as a guest and join any of the teams instantly. You need to join the server closest to your country in order to have the lowest latency.

As in many shooters, in Warscrapio a large range of weapons, ranging from knives to grenades, pistols and rifles. Switch between weapons can be using the mouse wheel and the keys 1,2,3,4. The game allows you to change the skin of your character, and you can use melee, grenades, a pistol and one rifle.

Choose the map Warscrap.io and start a real war. Choose the most suitable weapon for yourself and help your team win, killing as many enemies as possible. You can also create your own game room with unique settings. It’s time to have fun and show who is the best warrior!

War scrap .io

Want to play the game in full screen? Copy and follow this link

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