Make sure you have all your files in the right place see readme. Generally mipmaps should not be disabled as their presence produces much better looking graphics. Views Read View source View history. Which version of GIMP are you trying to use? The important thing is the naming conventions and location of the folders don’t forget the dots in naming that dot gimp-2 dot 8 folder. The sharpen filter is only applied to texture mipmaps and will not affect the top level mipmap or original texture.


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Powered by The Wavelength. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. I’ve done the same, yet GIMP refuses to recognise. You will need to add this option. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Download this if you just want to develop with VTFLib or want access to all the binaries. Nonetheless, it can be a useful tool vtfkib.dll creating simple. Although the plug-in is designed for Photoshop, it is usable in many other programs that support Photoshop plug-ins, these programs include:. A few people have mentioned to me that it does work in Paint Shop Pro.

I’m not going to try to hide the fact that I’ve always been lost when it comes to software licenses. Thanks for all the advice though, it helped me troubleshoot vtflibdll little.



This can be fulfilled by copying the appropriate license file to the folder you install the binaries to e. The format option allows you to select the internal image format that the image data is stored in.

Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. If you want to include VTFCmd and launch it from your application’s binary to do the conversion, the same constraints apply, only changes to vtflib.vll code in VTFCmd need to be available upon request.

textures – VTFLib issues with my program (C++ noob) – Stack Overflow

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work with Photoshop 8 CS, gtflib.dll it? You must be logged in to post a comment. That really bugs me: Nem, you Truely are amazing. The lib files should be binary compatible. Powered by The Wavelength. Showing 1 – 12 of 12 comments. Views Read View source View history. Im very very impressed with your work. Selecting a sharpen filter will attempt to correct this by sharpening each mipmap after it is generated. I just downloaded and did a quick import test smooth as silk.

Jul 31, 6: Your embedded manifest will probably be wrong but you can either hand edit it or override it.



VTFLib is LGPL, so you can link vtfljb.dll it and use it in your code without any requirements on the licensing of your code or the resulting binary. This low resolution copy is used by the Source engine to do color sampling and should not be disabled.


Doing so will result in a smaller file size and is recommended for creating sprays or HUD elements which you don’t vtflbi.dll mipmaps for. Download this if you want to modify the library or example applications or just see how it all works. Sad, I can’t use it in my Project because it doesn’t support mingw and due to licensing issues I can’t modify the files to be usable with Qt: The flags section allows you to set additional flags which control how your texture is rendered.

Make sure you have all your vtflib.vll in the right place see readme. The mipmap filter is only applied to texture mipmaps and will not affect the top level mipmap or original texture.