Log in to the vShield Manager web user interface. Backups taken on a vShield Manager running version 5. Upgrading vShield Endpoint The upgrade procedure depends on the product version that you are using. In order to upgrade the appliance I need to upload the maintenance bundle to clean up some space. From the output below I only have 2. After the applince has been deployed and powered on, login to the console with the username admin and the password default. Keep this console open while you perform the next steps.

vshield manager 5.1.1

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The existing logs and flow monitoring data on the vShield Manager appliance are deleted as part of this procedure. If the protected virtual machines are running in a cluster, deactivate DRS. If your scope in a previous release was limited to a port group which had a vShield Edge installation, the user is automatically granted access to that vShield Edge after the upgrade. A system event is generated to indicate the ID for each upgraded vShield Edge instance.

One of the dependencies of the upgrade is vShield Manager, so I upgraded it.


vshield manager 5.1.1

Filesystem cleanup successful message as verification that the maintenance bundle was successfully installed. Uninstall vShield Endpoint on each host in your datacenter. Click the vShield Edge tab. Connection to the vshie,d Manager user interface using one of these supported web browsers: My vCenter is currently 5.

After the reboot, log back in to the vShield Manager and click the Updates tab. View the upgraded vShield Edge: Proudly powered by WordPress. Log in to the vSphere Client. None of the other vShield components are rebooted.

VMware vShield Manager Upgrade – Password Issues ยท

Identify the vShield Manager backup created earlier and do a restore by clicking Restore. Do not uninstall a deployed instance of the vShield Manager appliance.

Resolution To upgrade from vCloud Networking and Security 5. Create a backup of version 5. To upgrade vShield Endpoint from 5.

vshield manager 5.1.1

If you are using vShield Endpoint 4. An arrow icon is shown for each vShield Edge that must be updated. This virtual hardware upgrade only applies to vShield Managers that are being upgraded from versions 5.

vShield Manager 5.1.1 Lookup Service Integration Error

If upgrading to vCloud Networking and Security 5. Enter a text string in Filename Prefix. When the Edge is upgraded, the arrow icon no longer appears. Click the Configuration tab. Click Save Settings and Backup. Click the host on which you want to upgrade vShield App.


To upgrade vShield Endpoint from version 4. Upgrade vCenter Server to the required version. This guide contains definitive information. The problem is that it is really painful to do manually and not recommended, so what we need to do is take a backup from our newly upgraded vShield Manager and restore it to a new appliance with the correct hardware requirements.

To upgrade vShield, you must first upgrade vShield Manager, then update the other components for which you have a license.


VMware vCenter Server 5. This new vShield Manager will replace the existing one. Give the new vShield Manager the same IP address as the one we are replacing.