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vampirates immortal war

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Vampirates: Immortal War : Justin Somper :

I still don’t really know how I feel about Connor at the end. I understand that is a novel largely about vampires, but there comes a point when it starts to sound like the fanfiction of a morbid teenage girl. So, well done, Justin.

vampirates immortal war

The Pirates and the Nocturnals are facing the final assalt against the Vampirates. So ratingsā€¦ the first 3 or vampirayes even 4 books are about a 4.

vampirates immortal war

My only problem was the ending. I feel really frustrated, I loved this series and this was the last book that the whole series was building up to so I was expecting a bonanza of emotion, shocks, battle and drama.

Let’s start with Connor. They are not perfect, they are not the same and they don’t afraid to accept that. At first, I thought the battle they were planning to execute to posess the Diablo would take longer and chapters fampirates be spent discussing battle strategies, sword fighting and what not.

Vampirates: Immortal War

Somper did this with expert skill. I think this book was absolutely fantastic, with a stunning style of writing from Justin Somper and definitely not a disappointment. Don’t waste your time of these books.


vampirates immortal war

What are these authors going to think up next? I didn’t do that with ‘Immortal War’.

Immortal War feels considerably different from the others. I’m very happy I decided to follow Grace and Connor on their journey. Also Bart and Cate reunite at last otp4ever.

It’s just assumed that’s the reason. The concept was fresh and exciting and the story itself was great with intriguing characters and plot twists. Aug 22, E2 Prachi rated it really liked it. I could not believe some of the things that Connor did, and found myself incredibly disgusted by this loathsome boy.

She quickly falls in love with Lorcan, a Vampirate, but is in no means loyal to him. And much more at the talk of a marriage. Immortal War was a long waited conclusion to the Vampirates series, and I cannot say–with every shocking and thrilling twist and turn–that it disappointed.

This fantasy, futuristic series by Justin Somper truly surprised me. It’s the sixth book in a series, and while I think I would immortsl benefited from reading a previous vampieates in this series, I wasn’t completely out of the loop with the plot. Connor and Grace both develop new and interesting abilities that are a major asset to the Alliance, Connor is still struggling to come to terms with what he is and even Vam;irates does some growing up.


I will go on to review this book as a story in itself so Vampirates beware, I may cast you a spoiler without intention. I started this book with trepidation. How and why they come to be on the ocean with such a motley crew of characters is interesting in itself, but how the adventure evolves continually left me a bit surprised, and feeling satisfied as a reader of intelligent, complex novels.

I hate how Connor refuses to leave the Pirates, and how Grace refuses to leave the Vampirates. On the other vwmpirates i felt a sympathy for Sidorio.

Vampirates: Immortal War – Wikidata

And in the 6 years that have passed, we’ve seen blood, death, oceans, vampires and pirates aplenty. Sidorio’s second in commands feel threatened; but they realized that killing even one of the two infants will destroy Lola. A bloody war is raging across the oceans, immodtal the Pirate Federation and Nocturnals in alliance against the renegade Vampirates, led by Sidorio and Lola. Other books in the series.