N10, then the instructions or commands follow. Identify the different parts that compose the NC program. If such a setup sheet is not yet included, it can be supplemented in MTS setup mode. Write the File name: To start the MTS simulator:

topturn mts

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The NC programming system enables automatic generation of NC programs using contour strings and all common machining cycles. N10, then the instructions or commands follow.

The next window that appears is to select the controller.

topturn mts

The input is checked for validity of combinations, value ranges and alternatives with logical combination functions. Allow you to take measurements from one point to another. You have two main ways to display the simulator Graphic display Toppturn Display mode Icons.

Module 2: Introduction to MTS TopTurn and G & M codes – ppt video online download

Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. The simulation of the NC blocks with material removal is carried out, switchable at any time, either in a 2D top view with cross-sections of the workpiece and the clamping devices or in a 3D machine space representation including the workpiece or the workpiecesthe complete tools, the clamping devices as well as all fixed and moving machine components.

Create a setup sheet.


Open NC Program 2. To start the MTS simulator: My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. The following are some important tools: The computer reads the instructions and sends electrical signals to a motor, which then turns a screw to move the machine. Special technologies for CNC wood machining are supported.

On the main menu. Demonstrate the ability to write a simple NC part program.


When operated in a network, the software permits individual management of the trainees. The most important demands placed on training software are: Identify the difference between rapid positioning and feed rate positioning. An easy-to-use interactive graphic dialog permits automatic generation of NC programs, not only for conventional machining processes, but also for mill-turn processes using driven tools and sub-spindles with5 axes each for main spindle and sub-spindle machining.

The virtual 3D reality simulation with its 3D collision monitoring, available as an optional software enhancement, is ideal for supporting this type of learning Language 3D-Demoversion Windows V7.

Use MTS software to do the following setup.

topturn mts

However, the simulation speed while using the test run option has nothing to do with the real machining of the workpiece. Cycle commands are converted in to the target CNC control’s cycles- if available. Dialog programming mode provides easy input of complex machining stages, one or several related input screens being filled in by the user with graphical assistance. Topturh a first step, the virtual TopMill or TopTurn machine is to be set up like a real machine tool in set-up mode: A teacher’s program module allows instructors to create their own “cloze test” or “missing-text” assignment programs.


Introduction to CNC Turning. You can also click on the pages to move forward.

MTS GmbH Berlin

Each block contains the technical and geometric information that the controller requires for the correspondent machining step. Externally created programs can be simulated and optimized if the contain an MTS setup sheet as a comments head.

It starts always with the block Number N e. The CAD system provides powerful topurn for creating, editing and documenting technical drawings.

topturn mts

The following table contains few basic G-codes, plus some additional and Miscellaneous functions M-codes. This enables the students to learn the initial system skills and progress to the programming task of the respective curriculum unit quickly. For more information, please visit this products webpage.