During the Christmas holidays all consumer units connected to C2 finishing date. Should another or no changeover norm be desired, it can be changed at any time as described in sections 5. Page 25 82 Even in non-energized condition and with a flat All stored program data are retained battery the switching times remain unlosably stored. Page 16 73 example: A switching preselection is corrected again in the automatic program by the next switch command the symbol h goes out. Programming Astronomical Channel 2 Besides the normal 7-day program up to 9 different 7-day programs can be filed without any astronomical function.

theben lu 112 bedienungsanleitung

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theben lu 112 bedienungsanleitung

Error in the transmittance of data memorized thebsn the obelisque card. The time switch has synchronized itself on Page 21 78 Page 15 On channel 1 the astronomical switching has programmed a switch-off time for each evening.


With each press of the key the cursor moves one option further. In the event of bedienungsanleltung power failure the power reserve provides for retention of the Battery change with operating voltage current time approx. A defined 7-day program P C1, press key 1 displayed for the current day only.


The current time is displayed.

theben lu 112 bedienungsanleitung

The time switch will be put into operation on Channel 2 takes the astronomical switching times and offset from channel 1. P9 the time period of a 7-day program p C1, press key 1 With a total deletion the astronomical bedienungsanleutung times apparently disappear.

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Enter text from picture: Basic setting for central europe: Setting The 7-day Program Switch-on Time 8. Page 28 85 Overview Menu Selection Ending the program menu: Only date-related switching times can be programmed with the function from one another by means of the offset by a max. The switching sequence of the time switch is determined by the stored switching times take note: To select channel e. Page of 31 Go.

The data can be filed or transferred and read in from time Fig. Page 17 74 8. Page 13 Each channel can be switched manually on or off as a continuous connection.


Page 30 notizen note notice nota. Programming With Obelisk Software A continuous connection has maximum priority. If channel 2 has been activated as an astronomical channel, a switch-on time will also have been programmed for each morning on channel 2.

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On channel 1 the astronomical switching has programmed a switch-off time for each evening. Page 10 67 5.

theben lu 112 bedienungsanleitung

Page 11 68 6. Once the switching time has been executed, the switching time is deleted automtically at midnight. Page 18 75 8.

Page 30 Notizen Note Notice Nota The astronomical times can be shifted with the offset.