Surviv .io

Surviv .io is an excellent game for the passage in which you have to play in the role of a strong and brave fighter. He must go on his own to accomplish the assigned tasks. The goal of each task is to get into the depth of the enemy base and find the start button to destroy the entire base. The whole territory is guarded by enemy militants, who are armed to the teeth and ready to open fire on any offender.

Take the pistol in your hand and start the Survivio missions. Killing at least a few enemies, you can take away their weapons and armor. Choose a shotgun, assault rifle, sniper rifle and other weapons to replenish your arsenal. Go forward and try to find the main room, where the control panel is located.

In Surviv .io, shoot at all enemies that you will notice on the territory. With each level of enemies will become more and more, but our sergeant should not give up, because it is on him put such a big responsibility. Good game!

Surviv .io

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