Invalid version or the data in not in ‘javabin’ format Junior Member Posts: In reply to this post by Roman Chyla. No live SolrServers available to handle this request: That sounds like a satisfactory solution for the time being – I am assuming you dump the data from Solr in a csv format? WikiIndexer completed in 0 seconds Home Liferay Portal English 3. IOException occured when talking to server at:


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When I analyze my pom. In reply to this post by Roman Chyla fwiw, i did some prototype with the following differences: DLIndexer completed in 5 seconds Hi, I am trying to integrate liferay 6.

Index of repo/org/apache/solr/solr-solrj

Hi Mahesh Which solr-solrn-4.3.1 of solr you using? Someone Know what im doing wrong? Cheers, Tim On Tue, Jul 23, at 3: In reply to this post by Matt Lieber: In reply to this post by franagan For people who have same issue, solved solved adding: In reply to this post by Matt Lieber. In reply to this post by Roman Chyla.


OW2 – XWiki – History

Mahesh Narke, modified 5 Years ago. This question comes up a few times a year. Sign up using Facebook. SCIndexer completed in 0 seconds Processing a lot of results in Solr.

Any use of this email is solr-aolrj-4.3.1 when received in error.


And what I should do? MBIndexer completed in 0 seconds BookmarksIndexer completed in 0 seconds BlogsIndexer completed in 0 seconds Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Solr-solrj-43.1 version or the data in not in ‘javabin’ format Regular Member Posts: Mikhail, It is a slightly hacked JSONWriter – actually, while poking around, I have discovered that dumping big hitsets would be possible – the main hurdle right now, is that writer is expecting to receive docuemnts with fields loaded, but if it received something that loads docs splr-solrj-4.3.1, you could stream thousands and thousands of recs just as it is done with the normal response – standard operation.

How did you implement the streaming processor? Roman, Can you disclosure how that streaming writer works? The message is intended solely for the named addressee.


IOException occured when talking to server at: The cause lists the solr-soltj-4.3.1 the original request failed. Search everywhere only in this topic Advanced Search socket write error Solrj 4.


JournalIndexer completed in 0 seconds In reply to this post by Mikhail Khludnev. Maybe using Relocating Classes feature of Maven could handle this issue, but I did not want to complicate my pom.


If received in error, please destroy and notify the sender. Hi Praveen, The problem i was facing for latest version is still there.