To detect if a server meets the requirements for Sobi2, a built-in system check is available. For text input fields there are additional settings available. It is possible now to select individual templates for each category. You have the option to decide all of this when you set up and manage the component. This could be the title and your custom fields only.

sobi2 plugin

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Integration of Google Maps directly in detailed view.

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You can set in this case all the needed settings e. Content of the Export Package The entries export pluyin contains the CSV file to be used for import and a log file export sbi2. If you want to make a backup of your Sobi2 directory, you need all fields to get the same state again as you had at the moment you made the backup. The file name consists of the custom field name: Sorry about that Your Email. The template parser is helpful in finding syntactical errors while developing an own template.

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It is best suited for low to medium-level traffic web-sites. The meta keywords entered for the entries, can be used as tags.


sobi2 plugin

Saving section ‘cache’ Sat Jun 7 Therefore it is recommended to remove the separator sboi2 during export. Getting defined values for this field.

Which fields do you need for your export? You can search in all your Sobi2 items and then click on one of the item to include it in your Newsletter. Create your own template You can also modify the way your Sobi2 item is displayed by creating your own template which will be used to render the Sobi2 item.

sobi2 plugin

All 17 fields exported. Plugin Interface Sobi2 plugins enhance the functionality of Sobi2. Limits for one Pass Enter the number of categories which should be exported in each pass. This could be the title and your custom fields only. Sobi2 is an add-on to Joomla that makes it possible to run and manage a directory in a Joomla website.

Built-in multi state cache system for fast retrieving of data reduction of data base queries. Entry dependent meta plufin keywords and description.

Also the amount of the fee is freely selectable.

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Therefore select a character which won’t be used or is used seldom in your entries. ;lugin character has to be different from the Entries Separator! Social Login component allows to login to Joomla web site via following social networks: Please follow those instructions, we don’t recommend you to modify the sobi2 plugin directly otherwise your changes will be overwritten when you update AcyMailing.


If something went wrong with the pluhin operation you can restore the previous state. Various languages are available for Sobi2. Because of implementation of a sboi2 algorithm it is no problem to export data on servers with low memory limit, limited script execution or limited access to MySQL server. This Sobi2 clone and all add-ons for it has been created with this script. It is also possible to create an own template for the add entry form.

This is a Sobi2 plugin. All entries exported. Languages Many language packages are available for Sobi2.