Keep in mind that lag increases with the number of computers involved. When Kaillera is open, you will see a server list:. You need to constantly switch focus back and forth between chat and emulator window in order to chat. See the guides below for instructions. If you have questions, please contact Admiral Licah Fox. To install, replace kailleraclient. You can use the existing channels or create your own if you prefer.

snes9k 0.09z

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This page will guide you through setting up your computer to enter the snes9 age of gaming. It seems as if SupraclientCPPE has disappeared from the ‘net, and we cannot find any reliable source for future downloads. Now you can play 4-player NBA Jam! Now you’ve connected and are ready to play!

snes9k 0.09z

After you’ve downloaded, unzipped, and installed the emulator, you will want to edit the settings, especially the controls. Retrieved from ” http: If you have questions, please contact Admiral Licah Fox.

Welcome to Snes9k vz2 Unofficial page!

Open the emulator and find Kaillera in the menu options. Replace this with the following file backup the original if you wish. The emulator you have downloaded comes with a file named kailleraclient.


snes9k 0.09z

Hope to see you on the server! This page was last edited on 19 Julyat Be careful to use the exact same 0.0z of the ROM image as the people with whom you’re playing. If you are playing against other RSers, install the exact versions listed below, for compatibility reasons. Views Read Edit View history. Download and install TeamSpeak 3 if you want to be able to voice chat while playing microphone required.

You can use the existing channels or create your own if you prefer. Game publishers have let ROMs 0.0z9 into the realm of abandonware, so they are widely available on the Internet.

Welcome to Snes9k version 0.09z2 Unofficial page

Your new Kaillera client should look like this. If you have broadband, 00.09z “Excellent”. If you’re interested in further Kaillera-enabled emulators, see Emulinker Emulators and Wikipedia. You will need a console emulator that supports Kaillera.

Snes9k is Snes9x with Kaillera client support. The RS has its own TeamSpeak server, which you should use.

From Emulation General Wiki. Support for up to 8 simultaneous people playing No fiddling with router settings and port forwarding Netplay traffic is handled by a central dedicated server that helps keep things synched Private game chat support and public chat to speak people outside your game room Being able to drop out of a game at any time without disrupting much your teammate s.


Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Others are easily accessible via a Google search. This will standardize your Kaillera and ensure that you can connect to the RS server. If you prefer not to use voice chat, Kaillera provides a game chat room. It is not as accurate as higan but is good for systems that can’t run higan at full speed.

Everyone needs to have the exact same ROM version or Netplay won’t work if it somehow does, it’ll desynch rather quickly Everyone needs to have the exact same save file, or no save file at all.

snes9k 0.09z

It is also available as a libretro core for RetroArch. Either a keyboard or a USB controller will work with all of the above emulators. See the guides below for instructions.

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