Smash Arena .io

The battle between rivals in will be interesting and exciting, because the game is drawn in 3D graphics, and the players have an unusual weapon. In Smash Arena io you can collect coins, which will add you points and HP. You must clearly aim the sight at your rivals and shoot to kill. On the map you will see many obstacles that will help you hide from enemies.

How to play

Find a decent weapon and start the battle. Collect coins to increase your HP. You will see points marked with a question mark, where you can find: a bulletproof vest, another weapon or a bomb that will instantly destroy you. You also need to move carefully so that the bomb does not fall from the sky. She can fall on any player by accident. Each player plays only for himself. You can also create a team with your friend to increase the chances of winning. Alone here is very difficult to become a winner, as rivals attack from all sides.

Smash Arena .io

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