Do you offer support with Pro, Power and Enterprise Editions? If you have purchased a commercial license, log in to see your download options below. Services are not included with licenses, however discounts are offered for purchasing licenses at the same time as services. Application code, custom components and custom skins that you create are all regarded as separate works that you own, which may be closed source and may be sold or distributed under any license you want. Post as a guest Name. Do Pro, Power, or Enterprise licenses require both development licenses and deployment licenses?

smartgwt lgpl

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If you need a longer trial we understand that it takes time to get a purchase approvedjust contact us for an extension. Privacy Policy and Cookies By continuing to use our site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our use of cookies to understand how you use our site, and to improve your experience.

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Can I get smxrtgwt discount? Aside from the Java server framework, SmartClient Pro includes additional client-side components such as charts and tools which are useful even without the SmartClient Java Server framework. This is a broadly used and officially recognized open source license.

Product and Licensing FAQ. That would be winning business based on the power and appeal of our product, so we ask llgpl you either buy a Pro license, or if circumstances make that impossible, contact us for permission. Can I upgrade my license to a more powerful license edition for example, from Pro to Power edition? Yes, so long as you either smarrgwt a license before the trial period ends or freeze all development between the end of the trial period and when you buy your license.


smartgwt lgpl

SmartClient’s powerful smartfwt UI components, intelligent data management, and deep server integration help you build better web applications, faster. Because the Flat Rate license is intended for large teams, we require a minimum of twenty developer licenses to be purchased. Can I pay a yearly maintenance fee to always be on the latest version?

smartgwt lgpl

However, SmartClient tools are useful in a broad variety of situations, and are inexpensive relative to developer time and the cost of missed deadlines. Each download is self-contained. Purchase SmartClient Enterprise Edition.

Yes, you can purchase commercial servicesincluding training, support, and consulting, without purchasing a commercial license. Please use latest patched versions above to avoid hitting already-fixed bugs.

You are not allowed to, for example, finish a project and transfer a set of licenses to a different group of developers who are starting a new project. Asked 4 years, 10 months ago.

Can I begin commercial development during my trial period? If you lglp a multi-user license, we will contact you occasionally via email, no more than bi-annually, asking if you have enough licenses for all the developers using SmartClient. If you have purchased a commercial license, log in to see your download options below. The two products can be compared here.


smartgwt lgpl

Enterprise licenses can either be purchased on a per developer basis with unlimited deployment or you may purchase per CPU. Isomorphic software provides Lpl, the most advanced, complete HTML5 technology for building high-productivity web applications for all platforms and devices.

And now that we have this, what is the exact dependency that we need in the pom. These can be taken to refer to the corresponding Smart GWT product as well. We also offer further discounts to customers that commit to multi-year upgrades. Which developers need to buy a license? For highly skilled teams able to take lglp of advanced productivity features. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: You can grab a JDK here.

Smartgwt lgpl

These are typically adequate for small businesses and micro-ISVs, who are most likely already smatgwt other software under similar terms. To get started quickly, download a SmartClient SDK package with embedded application server and database. See a list of available services.

May I draw your attention to my question here? SmartClient is not free for other academic s,artgwt, such as creating applications that aid in the administration of a school or class, or applications used in scientific research.