Good balance of personal and working life in certain departments. It also provides a range of interface choices with specialised retail hardware equipment such as PoS Point-of-Sales , tablet PCs, fiscal printers, scanners, security cameras, card readers as well as weighing scales and new generation weighing systems. Pros The company has a wide range of clients and offers a lot of practical business experience. Stop promoting your people and promote the good ones. Most coworkers are not sufficiently trained.

singularlogic control

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Creating and maintaining a knowledge repository: Counter-productive matrix company structure. The Department has direct call lines available during business hours and also offers extended hour support depending on the project and client. Providing support for cutting-edge IT systems is just as important as confrol those systems, since an increasing part of the activities and operations of modern businesses depend on those systems.

Enterprise Applications SingularLogic offers enterprise application-related services that allow clients to optimise and transform their operations. The company is therefore well poised to offer integrated enterprise solutions useable with all forms of technology, including cutting-edge technologies like the Cloud, Mobile, etc.

The Commercial application is designed for small and developing businesses, and fully covers their commercial activity offering an extremely simple, easy to use and pleasant environment while constituting a tool for their development. All required infrastructure is hosted by SingularLogic Data Center providing thus the prerequisites for the service’s seamless operation and the security of data integrity stored and distributed through it.


Station Manager is an Integrated Management Solution for Petrol Stations, which effectively covers the needs of a modern petrol station while expanding to meet all stages of the fuel distribution chain.

These services relate to fields such as:.

This is how each freelancer can have a complete control over its business in the simplest and easiest way. Advice to Management Xingularlogic luck, will need it This approach allows cutting-edge apps to be rapidly developed. Too many changes on higher management with no sales strategy.

Change your ceo and stop with the dismissal of people solely based on whether they suck confrol to their superiors and not based on their lack of skills.

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Migrants posing as basketball team blocked out by Greek police. Singularkogic to Management Be more flexible in your adaptabilty and more extrovert to the market.

Capitalising on that experience, the company has developed a standard application development framework that is not dependent on the implementation technologies employed Microsoft, Oracle, Open Source, etc.

Good salary higher than average. Designed and developed by SingularLogic using the latest Galaxy technology, it is a guarantee that will carry your business into the future.

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Found 33 reviews Sort: Hire a career path professional coach to aid with employee career development. When someone contacts the Support Department, the call is logged into the IT system and given a unique identifier that allows all requests to be followed up in all subsequent stages.

singularlogic control

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Users can have secure access to the service from any place, at any time and through any device connected to the Internet. The fontrol also works with a large team of highly-experienced consultants who provide valuable input into the solutions offered, guaranteeing that the solutions can be rolled out faster, more productively and efficiently for clients.

The company has a wide range of clients and offers a lot of practical business experience.

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It’s about leading and delivering at appropriate level by example! Pros Highly skilled employees but not not taking advantage of. Its competitive advantage lies in the fact that it allows doctors to have all required information, stored in a single place fontrol at the same time readily available through any device desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone.

singularlogic control

Management is unfortunately not socialising on higher salary. Independent petrol station owners who want to control their petrol stations and their business, and automate day-to-day processes, thus gaining in time and control.

Over the years, SingularLogic has acquired extensive singulaarlogic in the following sectors:. Get a free employer account to respond to reviews, see who is viewing your profile, and engage with your candidates.