You are Sai Krishna, the one frequents Puttaparthi. Victory to Lord Shiva’s son Ganesha who is adored by the whole world. Glory to the Mother of the universe, Mother Gauri, Mother Sai, destroyer of the bondage of time, dealer and sustainer of the universe, resident of Parthi, Mother Sai. Sing the beautiful name of He who is the Lord of the Universe, and the One who resides in our hearts. Glory to the Lord who held up the mountain; Krishna, the great dancer, beloved son of Nanda; O cowherd boy who supported the mountain. We bow to you, O Lord of the Kali age. Chant the sacred mantra, Om Nama Shivaya.

shankara abhayankara mp3 song

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Please bless us, O Mother who is always happy.

shankara abhayankara mp3 song

Victory to Mother Sai! O beautiful dark complexioned Lord Krishna of ours! Swami shwnkara addressed as Bhagavaan which means He possesses the six divine qualities in full: You, O son of Parvathi, bring auspiciousness into everyone’s lives. O Radha and Krishna! Worship Lord Krishna, beloved of Radha who came to her Lord with anklets on her feet and who danced with Him along with other Gopis cowherds.


shankara abhayankara mp3 song

He is that eternal primeval blissful God who is a Sathchitthaanandha knowledge, existence and bliss. Victory to charming Mother.

Glory to the Lord who held up the mountain; Krishna, the great dancer, beloved son of Nanda; O cowherd boy who supported the mountain. Ocean of mercy and compassion. O beloved of Radha, son of Nanda, slayer of the demon Mura!

Victory to Sri Krishna, the pride and wealth of Brindavan, son of Devaki, the Madhava who bewitched every one’s mind including the cowherd gopis, the Krishna who carried aloft the Govardhan mountain.

She is our kindhearted intimate friend and mother. Panduranga, Vitthala of Pandhari who is bestower of auspiciousness, enchanter of the heart and supporter of those afflicted and miserables.

Victory to Lord Narayana.

All Devotional Songs – Part II

Sai Ram, Krishna and Hari. You are the embodiment of blissful peace. Glory to Mother who is abhayankar consort of Lord Shiva, and who weilds a Thrisool Trident and who sustains the three worlds. Victory be to the Lord of the Universe. It is such a lovely Name – Rama.

Chant the many names of Lord: Worship Lord Sai of Parthi. Our Lord, the Vithala of Pandarpur, who plays avhayankara the flute, who held the Govardhan mountain aloft to protect the cows and cowherds from being destroyed by the torrential rain sent by God Indra.


Sathya Sai International Organization – USA

Chant the name of Lord Sai and Lord Krishna. O Avathaar of the Kali Age, welcome to You! Thy Lotus Feet are sanctifying. Thou art the bestower of sjankara of fearlessness.

Shankara Abhayankara | Sathya Sai International Organization – USA

Pray to Ganesh Gananathawho provides auspiousness. Hey Lambodhara pot bellied Onevictory to You, hey Gajaaanana! Help to wake up from the slumber of ignorance, to realize Thee.

Chant the name of Lord of Radha.

Shankara Abhayankara

Victory to Lord Giridhari, destroyer of sins and demon Mura. Chant the name of Mother Saraswati Kadambari: The meaning of the song is: Thou playest in the garden of our hearts and liberate and uplift us.

O Rama, beloved of Janaki Seetha!