Go back to your HQ settings under the email section and fill in your Gmail address and send a test email. If the update is not successful, please try again. Fill in any additional information you want to enter. Now re-download HQ and attempt an install. Before you uninstall the current version of HQ, make sure you have backup copies of all your HQ jobs.

seesnake hq

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If your printed reports appear differently, see some sresnake below. You can always try to import media into HQ by simply dragging and dropping the media into an open job. Once The Customer Support Team receives the bug report, we will seesnae it and respond. Download CS6x Software Update. Choose the destination to make copies hhq your job media to your computer, USB drive, or to burn to DVD with software listed below.

You can update some SeeSnake equipment without using HQ by downloading the update files from this website. Customer Name — Uses the customer name you input in the field from your SeeSnake equipment. If there is missing media in your job, there is a built in HQ utility to recover job media. Plug in a USB drive to make copies of your jobs to.

To add a different Google account for YouTube hhq, select Authorize in HQ settings, and it will take you to the Google authorization page explained in previous steps. Once the video is uploaded, you can email a link to it by clicking the email button in the edit tab.


In order to find the UAC window, you can either click through or minimize any open windows; or you can look at your Taskbar and locate an icon it may be flashing that looks like a shield. Right click and choose Archive Job. If you imported video into HQ, what is the source of the video?

Computers sometimes come with pre-installed software that may be interfering with video recording or playback. Learn how to update the software on SeeSnake pipe inspection monitors.

Download CS65x Software Update. Before you uninstall the current version of HQ, make sure you have backup copies of all your HQ jobs.

seesnake hq

This is done outside of HQ, in Windows. You can create or change HQ job space.

seesnake hq

To share jobs between multiple machines such as a desktop and laptop computer you can use a common shared location such as a shared drive or network location. This is often the solution to many video issues as well.

SeeSnake HQ – SeeSnake

If they are still having problems, try distributing the report with a different method email, print, DVD, or upload.

However, this prompt often comes up in the background, not making itself very clear to the user. Once you select allow on the Google page, close the web page. Having trouble with this step? Even if you are using new USB thumb drives, they can be the source of corrupt files or read-only jobs during HQ job imports. Sometimes simply deleting the job in HQ and then and re-importing it from the USB thumb drive will work.


You must first authorize Google to access your account for email using your Gmail address, or uploading videos to your YouTube account. Click the button to download the latest CSx software update.

Updating SeeSnake Software For Your Equipment

Clean your camera head to assure your live video is viewable. You need a USB drive to update.

seesnake hq

If you are having trouble with the automatic driver install through Windows, you can manually point Windows to the LT Drivers already located on seesnkae machine as a result of the SeeSnake HQ installation. Now re-download HQ and attempt an install. Some examples would be if you have computer problems and lose data, or replace your hard drive, you can simply import these jobs from the drive you saved them to.