She was not impressed and took to spocial media to call them out for their unethical behaviour saying that no one should body shame a mother. Pundits claim the photos are from a set of the music video for her collaboration with Otile Brown. Maintain peace and be your brother’s keeper. Hip hop legend Juacali from Calif Records joined forces with former member of group SEMA and actress Sanaipei Tande to give us good music and romantic ones in that case. However, you can listen to the audio on YouTube here;.

sanaipei tande i wish

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Top trending Sanaipei Tande songs ▷

Some went on to fat shame her on the comment section. Beauty and the beast: This page was last edited on 5 Septemberat She did so by playing the role of a slave. Are we Kenyans practising double standards?? Kwaheri, which is Swahili for goodbye and was fan favorite when it hit the radio waves in Singer Sanaipei Tande has defended her decision to get married in a secret ceremony after photos leaked online.

Subscribe to Sanaipei Tande’s YouTube channel for latest updates and sanaipeu. Sana, as she is popularly known, is a very talented woman. Haya ni maisha yangu, mashabiki wangu wa muziki watakuwepo tu lakini wale walikua kwa nia zingine tofauti ambazo si za msingi nawaambia pole. A member of the pop star trio Sema is currently in rehab for alcoholism. Amina, which is Swahili tznde Amen is the main chant in the chorus.


However, it is normal for people to talk about you especially if you have something good going on. This led to a series of comments from other fans on the same issue which in a way did not go down well with the Kiss Drive host, as some encouraged her to be as she sees okay for herself and not mind what is said. Even eligible bachelor Otile Brown was infatuated with this woman!

sanaipei tande i wish

You can watch Kwaheri here. My Queen May God continue guiding your life steps! Fans were divided over the nature of the music video with some claiming it was perhaps too raunchy for their liking, but according to the lyrics, the video was spot on. When she was 16, her family relocated to Matasia near Nairobi where she transferred to St Lucy Kiriri Girls, Nairobi and cleared her high school.

She then joined comedian Obinna Ike Igwe on the mid-morning show and later presented solo on the same wizh. The song was released in August and has received over a million views on YouTube. Read his post below.

Top trending Sanaipei Tande songs

Born and raised in Mombasa and later on in Ngongshe gained prominence after winning the East Africa Coca-Cola Popstars Talent Search together with two other bandmates.

He has a variety of songs that he cannot go without listening to every weekday.

sanaipei tande i wish

Take a bold step and try what you want to achieve. The important thing in my life right now is that the one I treasure is involved and the wedding ceremony took place. Sana shone in the radio industry and is one of the most endeared radio presenters in the country. If someone asked a Kenyan to name at least five Sanaipei Tande new songs, Mfalme wa Mapenzi might be on that list.


Ndoa pia ni siri. The socialite is rumoured to be seeing Statehouse operative tqnde Mr.

Sanaipei Tande – Wikipedia

Hopes Belgium wins VivaBrazil. I would like to let some of you know that sanaipeitande and I are just friends.

Its been a while since I did this, My hopes though that you are all doing great, Sanaa wishes you a super doper Saturday afternoon. Otile Brown has come out to strongly deny rumors that he and fellow musician, Sanaipei Tande have an intimate relationship. The song talks about a man who is smitten by the love Sanaipei gives and the confusion brought by other people into their love life.

While the song Mfalme wa Mapenzi hit the airwaves inthe video was released a year later. Here are consent ages to engage in s xual acts around the world Lola Hannigan The socialite is rumoured to be seeing Statehouse operative and Mr.