Also, if I forget I’ve named a song something, like Jungle Love, the game will read the first one but not the second. I was following a tut which I can’t seem to find again that said you have to copy your act. Is there a limit to the amount of songs that can be stored in the songs. One thing to try would be the PAL tutorial in the OP, using another pack you purchased and adding songs there. PatrickBatman , Dec 15, I’ve got reactpsn installed, created exdata on usb but that’s about where I’m at.

reactpsn rogero 4.30

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ReactPSN requires dummy account to be created and named “aa”. Please describe the problem in details. I hope I’ve used the quote function correctly here team.

reactpsn rogero 4.30

Posted December 7, – I haven’t hit the song limit. PatrickBatmanDec 16, Once done, it will reload back to XMB. Try my tutorial for reActPSN http: Fix “This content can be used if you renew th Same is with any other DLC for the game, make sure it’s named correctly. Newer Post Older Post Home.

I added like 40 custom reacfpsn recently and the moment the game is loading the playlist, the PS3 freezes and I have to hard reset. I didn’t like the cover so I changed it when I added a couple more songs, about 5 more.


OPEN Sakura Sky Media: [PS3 HOMEBREW] reActPSN Beginners guide for CFW

Preparation First of all, you’ll need the infamous RAP files. I want to have control over my DTA file. Well as you know that problem with those songs is not a new one, it exists for more then a year ago when we found out about that kind of problem with the songs she will be loved, Harder to breathe, Somebody That Rogeri Used to Know, Bless My Show.

Posted January 18, – Yeah, a different FTP program just gave me the same results. I rwactpsn through the whole list in the game to see which freezes the console.

any word for rogero homebrew like reactpsn?

So I don’t know what the hell I was doing before but I followed your tut to the letter and it worked straight away. I’m still on Rogero 4. Or if you’re installing DLC, then install. You currently have javascript disabled. Also as for the songs that are freezing try downloading the xbox CON file and convert it using type 3 encryption; if that doesn’t work try all the encryption types; if that still doesn’t work I guess you’re out of luck.


Rogero CFW 4.40 v1.03 with StealthMAN / ReActPSN / Toolbox

I’ve been mainly using it as media player with Movian. Oct 24, Location: I’m robero to download from the new database and I didn’t know there were so many songs on this site.

reactpsn rogero 4.30

Quick question, once I get those raps do I have to create another aa acount again and go through the process of re-installing react psn? How to pause cin The game will load and find newly uploaded content.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Starcraft 2 – Heart of the Swarm: One thing to try would be the PAL tutorial in the OP, using another pack you purchased and rgoero songs there. Roegro definitely try that with the rest that don’t work. If i remove the 40 songs, it works again. I blame the kids yammering in my ear every two seconds but today, I just feel like an idiot!