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Whatever you are by nature, there always comes a time when you want changes, and new places and impressions are needed. I want to throw everything, and go to an unknown country, make new friends, and experience extreme rest. However, this often remains a dream for various reasons. Someone does not have enough money, while others are afraid of the difficulties that can overtake along the way. But there is a way that is available to everyone, and this is an online application that can be launched at any time, and enjoy new landscapes and gain valuable experience. Raaaaft .io invites you to a dizzying journey in which you will have to fight for your life!

Here you will be one on one with a raging element in the middle of the ocean. You will be on a small raft that is about to go under the water. In your hands will be a bug, and you need to act immediately! Catch small and large rubbish, various pieces and boards, and begin to strengthen your raft. As soon as it becomes more roomy and more convenient, you can build a house for yourself. On your raft you can not only comfortably live, but also grow some products. Follow the testimony of the life of your Raaaft .io character so that he does not die of hunger.

And there are various dangers in Raaaaft.io waiting for you. There are many sharks in the ocean, and they all want to eat you. In order to fend off them, you need to craft weapons, and you can enjoy delicacy soup from shark fins. Who knows, maybe you will improve your temporary home so much that you do not want to leave it? Then you will all your virtual life swim in the seas and oceans, explore all corners of our planet. Collect everything that you see, create your new cozy world, and become a brave sea-wolf, to whom all obstacles are for nothing!

Raaaaft .io

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