As a featured member of the band you will experience the excitement of playing your favorite songs with fully orchestrated arrangements. Make sure that the Power button is already engaged and that the Master Volume Knob is set to the Do not force the Q Card into its connection, it should insert properly when firmly pressed. Tempo Use the tempo button to increase or decrease the tempo accordingly. The orchestra is just waiting for your cue! Whether you press a chord button, or play along with the Demo button or Song Cartridge, the four octave range of the Strumplate is always in tune. Section 6 — Addition Rhythms.

qchord manual

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You are now playing along with the band! Below we will discuss the simple ways to access these functions. The chord section is capable of playing more complex chord progressions, including Major 7th, Minor 7th, Augmented and Diminished chords.


Now you can press a chord and strum the Strumplate to hear the higher pitched voice. When you press this button down and release it the LED light bar segment will move down one segment. By using only one finger you can play major, minor or seventh chords in any key.

You should hear the manuual note of the Chord Button that you selected. Listed below are more fun ways to play along with the demo song.

Suzuki Qchord Quickstart Guide

Apart from the 10 Rhythms already contained in the Q Chord, there are 30 additional Rhythms available on a rhythm cartridge. Add this document to saved. Make sure that the Power button is already engaged and that the Master Volume Knob is set to the Section 3 —additional Strumplate sounds.


Use the tempo button to increase or decrease the tempo accordingly. This basic set up is an ideal way to start mahual a new song, by first getting familiar with playing chord buttons of your selected song. Press the Rhythm Volume Up button until all 10 light bar segments are lit.

qchord manual

For a period of 90 days from the date of purchase, the Suzuki Corporation will pay the labor charges to repair the defective product. This jack can deliver the output of the Q Chord to an external amplifier, home stereo, mixing console, PA system or recording equipment.

qchord manual

Listen to the difference, if you want to increase or decrease the amount of Vibrato continue on to Step 4. If this happens, wipe and clean the electrical contracts on the cartridge with a dry soft cloth.

Use the strum plate voices over the top of the song cartridge songs to enhance the particular song you are enjoying! Details of the various songs contained on each song cartridges can be found on our web site www. Press both Bb and F buttons to return to perfect qcbord.

qchord manual

Each of these tracks volume can be adjusted, or all can be adjusted at once. Tempo Use the tempo button to increase or decrease the tempo accordingly. We will also explain how you can begin playing your favorite songs.

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Playing the Strumplate unaccompanied In order to play the Strumplate voices in isolation, press the EZ button once and the button between Autochord and Chord Plus twice which will deactivate the LEDs next to the same buttons. However, depending on the style of your strumplate playing, you may want to adjust the amount of sustain to fit your individual and creative feel for the sound you have in mind. Please note — when a song cartridge is inserted, the chord button section is automatically altered to a keyboard layout, so —with the keyboard overlay provided- you can play along to the song being played!


Experiment with the different sound levels and combinations of accompaniment tracks while playing the same song.

qchord manual

Some chord voices qchorr repeated for certain Styles. Take a few moments now to start to find the hidden creative musical side that we all have within. Every time you press the F Major Button Bb Major Button to lower the pitch of the instrument will be raised by one cent.

If the song you want to perform is in the key of E, but you want to Transpose it to the key of G. Be sure to experiment because different voices sound better or more realistic on different octave settings.

This is maximum strumplate volume.