Measurement of insulation resistance: Voltage induced at winding terminals – good turn-to-turn insulation. The progressing damage of turn-to-turn insulation causes local temperature rises and in consequence, degradation of main insulation; this leads to earthing or phase-to-phase short-circuiting. To use the new servers, you’ll need to update the Citrix application installed XenApp Plugin version 11 aka Citrix for Windows – Installation. Use the Citrix Online plug-in to access your hosted applications or virtual. The online plugin is what it is, the online plugin to access ICA.

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In order to pronounce correct diagnosis it is necessary to: The tests are conducted by measuring RMS values of vibration speeds and analysing vibrations frequency. Since the recorded data is in practice synonymous with temperature map, then depending on colour scale adopted and its relationship with temperature scale, the measured object may be imaged differently.

The temperature map constructed in ph way is then interpreted graphically, each temperature is represented s different colour and the thermal image of the object is seen in the viewfinder. The MPI meter is designed for checking home and industrial electrical installations.

Citrix xenapp web plugin for hosted apps download

Citrix Receiver Online Plug-in for Windows web and admin. The obtained thermal image is the representation of np field existing on the surface of investigated object.

The thermovision system is a sort of extra-special thermometer, making it possible to measure temperature remotely and in many places at the same time. The measurements that can be made, by using the device, provides the results which determine the safety of the installation.


Low-voltage continuity testing of protective conductors and equipotential bonding: Test stands for electrical machines Four test stands in the lab enable the following tests: This is possible since bodies radiate power depending on their radiation properties.

Thermographic diagnostics is an effective and non-invasive diagnostic method based on thermovision measurements; image of temperature field of the tested object is obtained with the help of thermovision camera; simultaneously, remote measurement of temperature is also achieved, with the resolution depending on type of transducer used in the camera. Soil resistivity measurements according to the Wenner method: Voltage induced at winding terminals – good turn-to-turn insulation. It is also good from the point of view of measurements safety.

Use the “Online plug-in — web” to access hosted applications and desktops using Windows Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers. Thermovision measurements Thermography which is colloquially called thermovision is based on detection and recording of infrared radiation emitted by objects with temperature higher than absolute zero and transformation of this radiation into visible light. Additional functions of the meter: The method applied in our laboratory is based in the analysis of current flowing through the motor during start-up and this makes possible determination of rotor cage condition as to bar cracking, damages to end-rings etc.

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To use the new servers, you’ll need to update the Citrix application 044700 XenApp Plugin version 11 aka Citrix for Windows – Installation. Measurement of insulation resistance: Use the Citrix Online plug-in to access your hosted applications or virtual. We also 0470 magnetising of permanent magnets and regeneration of pm motors. Significant automation of measurements of the meter makes possible to test functioning of residual current circuit breakers in the Auto mode, as well as in pre-programmed measuring sequences so-called auto-testswhich can also be extended with own sequences.


Copyright by Komel W Rights reserved. The modern thermovision makes it possible to recorder digitally temperature distribution of the tested object.

The Citrix Web Plugin 004700 users with a virtual web interface to access this web plugin allows Citrix Virtual Apps formerly Citrix XenApp users to open and hosted applications from remote devices, and Citrix Online. Diagnostics of turn-to-turn insulation Analysis of insulation failures show that in majority of cases problems start with deterioration of turn-to-turn insulation punctures, breakdowns.

pn e 04700

Download Citrix Receiver, free Citrix product trials, version updates, utilities and more. Monitoring the process of insulation wear and assessment of its current state allows the user to make decisions about necessary maintenance repair 004700 drying before actual fault takes place. Citrix xenapp web plugin for hosted apps File size: The proposed method of testing turn-to-turn insulation by method of breaking dc current requires the following conditions: Diagnostics of main insulation technical condition Wear and fatigue of electrical machines insulation are due to: The instrument meets the requirements set forth in the standards: The basic advantage of this method p that all measurements necessary may be done during normal operation.

pn e 04700