I shall put an email together that will hopefully! How sweet is he? Download Lagu Blakpink Mp3. And the prospect of her finally being happy after enduring so much made my heart jump and dance of joy! And this is a list of my favorite dramas. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it when you do get to it! Are there any songs you would like to hear again in the stands?

park seo joon letting you go mp3

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Ah yes would I hv sat through Big if not for Gong Yoo?? Kygo Labrinth Fragile Mp3. I work part-time, so that gives me more time than the average person, to keep a drama blog running.

I will see you 20 years later. Ah went to Blaydon Races, ’twas on the ninth of Joon. Having the chance to reverse it is a fortune. Sun Woo chooses to save his brother, chooses to believe what he wants to believe, and love the girl he wants to love.

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I love that in him, we see the jlon qualities that we see in Adult Sun Woo. Through most of the drama, Pari moved forward based more on curiosity than actual emotional engagement.

No vanity, just very natural in every way. Adult Sun Woo should have memories evolving in his mind, in the moment, like how Jung Woo could see his past self deliberating on whether to go to the police station. It brought the one plot hole I struggled with earlier in the drama. I loved QIHM too!! I admired him in that moment.


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I used to find her pretty meh, but I genuinely enjoyed her in Pinocchio. Heartless City isn’t twisty the same way Nine is twisty, but it’s a solid watch if you’re in the right dark, bloodlusty sort of mood.

park seo joon letting you go mp3

I am soooo cutting back my sleep: You ruined all of my precious memories. And threatening to kill everyone just to coerce him into doing what you want!! I know that a millions music fans like this song and many of them believed that this Simple Things By Usher Mp3. I think the OTP gave a pretty solid personification of their characters.

I am planning on watching School as soon as possible I don’t know if I should watch goo before or after City Hunter and Healer — whaddya think? I’ve read your appreciation on Lee Jong Suk.

In episode 8 abovewhen Sun Woo cries in grief, and perhaps hopelessness, marks the first moment I actually really feel for him as a character. I love that this is strictly time travel. Also, I do appreciate a tightly written script.

Also, how are you liking Goong so far? Yet, because Young Hoon wants to cling to even the most remote possibility of saving him, Sun Woo agrees to the operation even though it would mean truncating whatever time that he does have left.


Ultimately, Jun Noh Min made Jung Woo a sympathetic character, which I consider an uphill task, taking into account how infuriatingly weak-willed he was as a character for much of the show. You’re right, a sequel wouldn’t work for a series like Nine. You can upload any file type from pictures and videos to software and documents.

park seo joon letting you go mp3

And that love that she has for Sun Woo no matter what universe or what hardships she has to face is at least admirable. Furthermore, he prepares himself to become a king and build his own country, considering it to be the shortest route to protect the important persons in his life and his people. The ending was too obscure for me. Whereas W was gripping for a full 16 episodes, I felt this was 4 episodes too long.

Serving up twists and turns that literally keep you on the edge of your seat and perhaps your sense of sanity tooNine is thought-provoking, intense and really rather addictive.