Email required Address never made public. We’ll be having candid conversations that get to the heart of music with our favorite songwriters, artists, musicians, producers and fans too. In her eyes, she may see it as embarking on a quest for happiness. Top 16 of was an epic year for the HMI. The Polar vortex may be gone, but most of us still can’t feel our toes. If J-Ron was not a singer-songwriter what could have been another path? They’re a potent cocktail of frustration and nostalgia.

p jay fok mwen ale

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They’ve all experienced the winter blues and expressed their lingering homesickness in song.

On 16 Novembre, we find a more seasoned artist, with a firmer grasp on the world. We’d fpk to read your comments below. Quite a few Haitian artists have migrated to the States, Canada, and Europe. Triye pou jwenn yon bon grenn – Kreyol La 5. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

I think the plot of the video is realistic and its also a topic certain men are ashamed to talk about even though its something that tends to happen. Non atis la se Glamorous, Lirik6 Panik Lan se nay mwen Anyone who listens to the song can easily depict this basic fact that it is a love-story-based one brought to us in harmony initially on CD and now on the screen only to cater to our needs.

Alee got us wondering what jams and traditions make our artists merry. That makes him your favorite songwriter’s favorite songwriter. You may call the cheating woman, Ms. Here are a few of our favorites.


p jay fok mwen ale

E mwen’k son brav konbatan. Top 6 Slogans ake. And a lot to think about. It’s finally here, and it’s a live EP she recorded on her birthday. To these men, P-Jay lacks in his manhood for leaving the relationship; he needs to step his game up. Sariah, immoral for what she did, but she may not see it that way.

p jay fok mwen ale

You can imagine assembling a list of best songs of the year would be difficult. We decided to take the easy route and avoid subjectivity by providing you with the 16 most popular songs from on Wikimizik.

Jean Winer Pascal Words are powerful on their own, but when coupled with a melody, they become the soundtrack to our lives.

P-Jay Feat. Flav (Gabel)- Fok Mwen Ale /Clip r&b New 2011

RickmyZoe Chak fwam jqy fon pa annavan. When P-Jay got the breaking news, he went ballistic and still would not believe it until he saw with his own eyes that the two women went out on a date and, on the table where they sat at, found two glasses of wine with red lipstick on them.

p jay fok mwen ale

Most Googled songs in Some great hits came out this year and music fans have been eager to sing along while listening mewn their favorite tracks. Wikimizik is a community driven site where artist can upload their lyrics and users can interpret the lines to provide deeper meaning.


LIVE: P-Jay “Fok Mwen Ale” feat. FLAV | SawPanse

Explain to us the meaning behind Gogo Maji and how did the name come about? WikiMizik’s Random List was too much of a great year for us to give you just one top list, so here is the most random Top Lists you’ll ever find. If I wasn’t a singer, I’d Or poignant reality checks like BelO’s Detripay?

Here are the Top 5 songs searched this year. Five Diaspora Winter Anthems A few weeks ago, all 50 states reached freezing temperatures. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The reason is that -aside from the niceness of the song itself and the professional touch of the video director -there is a story being told rok it, and the sex acts are or appear to be real with real kisses and touchesat least as far as our eyes can see.

If J-Ron was not a singer-songwriter what could have been another path? Our playlist this year was extremely rich and diverse with hits from the former President to new fo in the game.