Do you have a virtual machine server I can use? How do I order a standard computer? How do I change my primary e-mail address? Can I get more? My Windows 7 computer is stuck in a Windows Update loop!

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How do I use Eduroam, the wireless network, in Windows?

How to install OCS agent in a CentOS server? – Ocsinventory Q&A

Troubleshooting mail – what can I do and whom do I ask? What are your plans for a common client network configuration? How do I convert from text to numbers in Excel? Install package apt-get install ocsinventory-agent. Also add monitor-edid and libx How do I sort incoming mail based on receiver address into different folders? How do I really delete a directory and files in Windows? Why run eduPrint instead of local LAN printers?

What oczinventory-agent the GDPR? What are the recommendations for buying a new mac?



GraphPad Prism, what does it cost? How do Ocsinbentory-agent play movies on my webpage? This way the client is sure just to contact the OCS server. What should be done to introduce a new system administrator at BMC? How do I make all users local administrators on macOS? Why use the university central storage HNAS?

How do I temporarily disable an update in Windows 10? How to create a local Windows user. How do I access my home directory? How do the different types of storage compare to each other?

How do I set up eduPrint for a Linux server? So the client must be version 2. My Windows computer is running out of storage. Do you ocsinventiry-agent a file server we can use? Is Java free or do I need a license? What is the point with the zone files. How does the presenter view work in Powerpoint and where are my videos?

How do I do parallel rsync?


Package: ocsinventory-agent

How do I change my primary e-mail address? What is the cost of a PC file server? How do snapshots in the HNAS file server work? Help me I get so much spam! What should I think about when adding my own network printer? What Internet bandwidth does the university have?

My mailbox is ocsinvehtory-agent