During setup, the program creates a startup registration point in Windows in order to automatically start when any user boots the PC. Last update 8 Aug. A great tool that can be very useful when you wish to password protect your files with ease. Started by klapi Today at 4: Yo-Safe – Store and hide your important files in a secure virtual disk that no one will find. Your email address will not be published. EgisTec Shredder is a limited trial version.

mywinlocker yo safe

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Oct 20, 1 0 10, 0. Files are automatically encrypted as they are added or mywinlofker in the Yo-Safe. I then advised them to have the device checked by an IT technician — because everything from software to malware to broken hardware is in it. Master Password – Can’t remember which password for which file?

How to uninstall MyWinLocker?

mywinlocker yo safe

Power MP3 Cutter Joiner 1. MyWinLocker Suite is a preinstalled program available on selected Acer products to help you protect your private data. What do people think about it?

With the trouble-free self-decrypting feature, His attempt, to back up data by mywinlodker it to DVD failed. Convenient Self-decrypting Files – Share your protected files with your friends and family. The software is designed to connect to the Internet and adds a Windows Firewall exception in order to do so without being interfered with.


mywinlocker yo safe

Clicking this link will start the installer to download MyWinLocker free for Windows. By utilizing advanced encryption technologies you can protect your files anywhere. Started by klapi Today at 4: QP Download is strongly against the piracy, we do not support any manifestation of piracy. Mywiinlocker the new Yo-Safe to store your important or sensitive data is just so easy!

Circulate your important files safely among friends and colleagues without needing to install extra software! Learn more about Egis Technology Inc. A scheduled task is added to Windows Task Scheduler in order to launch the program at various scheduled times the schedule varies depending on the version. The mywinpocker integrated design allows for fast access! Just open the Yo-Safe with your Master Password and then access your files as you normally would. Many OEM original equipment manufacture software that is included with a new PC is useful and in many cases required for the PC to function properly as in the case of various software drivers.

MyWinLocker Suite by Egis Technology – Should I Remove It?

MyWinLocker is the ideal tool to secure your data. JavaScript is required to properly view this page. Which countries yyo it? Install a new copy of MyWinLocker i used the trial version 4. How common is mywimlocker Such software is optional and can be safely removed if you do not utilize the features of the progam.


I also tried to run G-parted by mounting it on my external hard drive, but I couldn’t even figure out how to execute that program stupid linux learning curve. With over 10 million installations worldwide, MyWinLocker 3 lets you take control of your privacy.

I noticed these snippets of information to make a blog post.


The most common release is 4. The MyWinLocker sidebar gadget provides a convenient way to quickly encrypt or decrypt files, while the trouble-free self-extracting feature enables you to freely communicate and share files with your friends.

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