We select a complete setup type. The is a standard MySQL port. In this case, select Edit Table context menu. Any error s will be displayed and the update process was failed else the changes were saved. Fill in the required information as shown below and click OK. To see those changes that have been made, click the Refresh button.

mysql query browser 1.2.12

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MySQL Query Browser Download (Free) –

The following is the Restore page. Clicking the arrow next to any database will display the tables contained therein.

mysql query browser 1.2.12

Views Read View source View history. Any error s will be displayed and the update process was failed else the nysql were saved. Next, click the Create Table button. In the top right hand side of the window is a list of databases available on the server to which the tool is currently connected. 1.2.1 is a standard MySQL port. Double clicking on a list item will display help text in the result area of the screen.

MySQL :: MySQL GUI Tools

We are login as root, so enter the root password. We can restore this backup.


mysql query browser 1.2.12

The following is a backup message after completing the backup process. As shown in the following Figure, we can edit table properties. Windows installer splash screen will be launched. It is just read only information. We select a complete setup type. We can stop and start the MySQL service here. This menu also provides an option to select a different schema to the one chosen at the login screen and provides the option to drop the currently highlight table or database.


Create a new table named mynewtable in myhotel database or any other database available in your localhost. Pressing the execute button will cause the statement to be executed and the output to be displayed in the results area.

We can create a backup and schedule it. We can edit a table in a database by selecting any row and right click mouse or use the buttons available at the bottom.

An additional section at the bottom of the window appears to display any errors encountered as a result of a SQL statement. We can add new MySQL user here querj assign privileges. The following is the backup information page.


Quite many things can be done here. Click Apply Changes to save any changes that have been made.

Click on the Connect button to connect to the specified server. In this case, we put the backup file in dbasebkup folder. If you already have MySQL user other than root then you can use it to login. If you want to change the previously set settings, just hit the Back button. The following is Replication status page; if there is any replication implemented we can see it here. Firstly, download the tools at MySQL.

mysql query browser 1.2.12

Click the Execute button to execute the script. We are editing the dateFrom column data. Privacy policy About Techotopia Disclaimers Mobile view.