Venkiteswaran Joseph Mundassery K. Randamoozham is the masterpiece of Jnanpith winning writer M. Puram Sadanandan Thoppil Bhasi T. Fiction Titles Only 11 October 11 October Malayalam We endeavour to bring you the latest titles as soon as theyare available in the Home Countries. Such events are common in literary world. At that moment, Draupadi walks in and has a brief conversation after which, Bhima decides not to take over as king.

mt vasudevan nair randamoozham malayalam pdf

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mt vasudevan nair randamoozham malayalam pdf

But the thing is that MT is dared enough to discard the divinely figures in Mahabharath; Krishna is just a clever king who knows good diplomacy and wants the help of Pandavas to kill Jarasandha. Kannada – Sahitya Akademi http: He was one of Vasudevan Nairwidely credited as his masterpiece. View all 3 comments. But vaasudevan I did that, I enjoyed the book immensely.

And, everyone will like Ghatotkachan Abandoned son of Bhima, who was an important reason behind the victory of Pandavas pdv Kurukshetra war. Vasudevan Nair Indian novels. The novel is a retake of the Indian epic Mahabharata from the viewpoint of Bhima, who the author describes as the most important warrior in the Mahabharata war.

I really would’ve loved to read this in Malayalam – maybe when the husband is in a good mood, I can coax him rwndamoozham reading out the good parts! The popular retellings do not pay too much attention to him – he’s overshadowed by Arjuna in terms of prowess and Yudhishtira with his claim to the throne. Bheema’s thought processes behind the most arrogant statements he made, the pain he went through at every rejection and his feelings of not ranamoozham able to accept the woman he first loved – MT manages to handhold you through all of those emotions.


Overall, the original may lack originality, but Mahabharthma as told by the collective selves called Vyasa, is more mystic, readable, enduring and romantic than MT’s quest for originality and his venture to read the fine lines.

Nt you can see Bhima being jealous of Arjuna for being Draupadi’s favourite among the five brothers as well as Arjuna mocking Karna for being of lower caste to satisfy his superiority complex. The translator eandamoozham done some justice to the work, without losing out too much of the poetry that would’ve been MT’s Malayalam version.

Anybody who is interested in Mahabharata should make this a ‘must’ read; and people who are interested in a good story should also enjoy this book. I have not read the original Malayalam book I plan to so I cannot comment on the translation, but the language is simple yet eloquent and that played a large role in making this book a thoroughly enjoyable read. Randamoozham, Manju weresome of his works.

Embed Size px x x x x The episode about Ghatotkacha meeting his father Bhima and the futility of grandiose displayed by Pandavas mocked by simplicity of expression and gesture by Randaoozham is matchless. Kudos to Gita Krishnankutty for such a seamless translation of this book from Malayalam.

Picturisation of characters and places by M. Randamoozham will never disappoint you!! The most manipulative of ladies in literature Draupadi dances him to her whims and Bheema ends up accepting the fact that she played him along all the way.


Once when asked about his inspiration for such a work MT replied that the pregnant pauses placed by Vyasa in the Mahabharatha made him think of such a work. On the flip side, the tension between the brothers Yudhishtira-Bhima and Yudhishtira-Arjuna is a key component here. Retrieved 11 Vasuddevan Rise of Kali Ajaya: It opened me an another way of thinking. MT, I’m afraid you won’t be counted as one of those Krishnadwaipayanas, the collective soul called Vyasa, since the version may not get accepted with the masses, who would rudely refuse to accept Krishna as just another rusty character.

The book naid to light the affection that he holds for his wife draupadi and how unnoticed his acts of love remains.

mt vasudevan nair randamoozham malayalam pdf

Today I completed reading a book which I had wanted to read for years but couldn’t as I was unable to read Malayalam. It is curious how the author has interpreted the feelings of Bhima as he is shown to live in the shadows of Arjuna.

രണ്ടാമൂഴം | Randamoozham by M.T. Vasudevan Nair

No can tell the emotions of Mahabharata as MT did. While Kunthi commands them as their mother, Draupadi lures them with their next chance to malayalak with her. Jun 26, Sugatharaj Paleri rated it it was amazing.

mt vasudevan nair randamoozham malayalam pdf