You are commenting using your Google account. Finally you need to know the read-only SNMP community string for your device. Now it is time to create a configuration for MRTG. The code was attached to his email. This site uses cookies. Once again, for an explanation of the more advance features of mrtg, please see the rest of the documentation.

mrtg 2.17.4 windows

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HP-UX Porting and Archive Centre | mrtg(1)

In order to work around this you can get cfgmaker to produce a configuration which is based on Ip numbers, or even Interface Descriptions. MRTG must be installed and fully configured on the target system.

This is the interface speed Default is 10 megabits; for Windoows devices use and so on…. You might want to make sure that the Perl binary directory is listed in your system path.

You can do this by either right-clicking on qindows mrtg.

mrtg 2.17.4 windows

The errors will alert you about the windkws that there have not been any log files in existence before. Note that it is imperative to set the RunAsDaemon: Make sure that the ImagePath variable is correctly pointing to srvany.


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MRTG – Multi Router Traffic Grapher

A current copy of Perl. Please complete the following steps before starting the installation: These graphs are embedded into webpages which can be viewed from any modern Web-browser.

This creates an initial MRTG config file for you. If any of the Windows folks want to contribute one, they are welcome. Most configuration is set through the configuration file; some command-line options exist all the same.

But then again, it is not all that difficult if you follow the instructions below. It won’t tamper with your registries or generate extra files or folders except the output files it craetes. His tool increased the speed of MRTG by a factor of 40! If you take a look at those web pages they are not very exciting yet.

If you don’t know it, try publicthat is the default. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It is possible to monitor any SNMP variable you choose. This software solution will also save the output mrtt in an HTML file that will hold various images of the graphical representation of the network traffic that has been recorded.

HP UX Archive Centre

This should give you a friendly error message complaining about the missing Rmtg configuration file. Make sure to stop any previously running MRTG processes to avoid conflict.


mrtg 2.17.4 windows

The argument of the debug option is a comma separated list of debug values: Under Parameters make sure that all the Application variables are setup properly. Just run it again after a few minutes.

mrtg 2.17.4 windows

Create a file called mrtg. Detailed instructions on how to use this package are available at http: To see if everything is installed properly you can open a Command Shell and go into c: It is normal to get errors for the first two times sindows run this command.

Once again, assuming that MRTG is already fully installed and configured on the target system under c: If you put a shortcut with Target: If mrtg has anything to tell you these messages can be found in the event log. Note that in this file all interfaces of your router will be stored by number.