Retrieved from ” https: However, in , a new concert was given in celebration of tri-Ace’s new Valkyrie Profile: Retrieved March 18, Tales of the Heroes: While attending Meiji University , Sakuraba began to take music composition seriously, and eventually formed the progressive rock band “Clashed Ice” in , consisting of him on keyboards and Genta Kudo on drums and vocals. The venue was smaller, but included music from Baten Kaitos and a couple of new, non-game-related pieces. His bandmates for this concert were bassist Atsushi Hasegawa a member of the band Gerard and drummer Toshihiko Nakamura.

motoi sakuraba whats up

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MOTOI SAKURABA What’s Up? reviews

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. Mushihimesama Double Arrange Album. During JulySakuraba held a live concert in Tokyo, Japan. Sakuraba has been called upon as a composer for many Camelot games, including all of the games in the Mario GolfMario Tennisand Golden Sun series. Whast Wings and the Lost Ocean ; Namco provided the financial backing. The Motoi Sakuraba Mixtape”. Retrieved from ” https: In addition, Sakuraba has continued to write for non-gaming and anime projects, including solo albums such as “Forest of glass”, “What’s up?


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motoi sakuraba whats up

Hatsushiba, as director and main programmer of the project, again called upon Sakuraba’s composing services. Shiroki Tsubasa no Inori. Tales of the Heroes: On June 6,Sakuraba performed at the Tales of Festival at the Yokohama Arenabeing the first time he performed tracks from the Tales series at a live event.

motoi sakuraba whats up

Till the End of Time. This page was last uo on 28 Septemberat Retrieved December 19, This concert was not officially recorded and released, however.

Motoi Sakuraba

Retrieved April 16, Naki no Ryuu Yori. The following year, the trio performed another concert. Retrieved March 27, Progressive rock symphonic rock new-age jazz video game music. Valkyrie Profile Arrange Album. In more recent years, Sakuraba has continued to write music whaats games in franchises he has worked with before, including Star Ocean: Tales of the Tempest.

Sakuraba takes the baroque and melodic Japanese progressive rock of the s and expands it with his own trademark complex rhythms, emotional flutes, use of male choir, and heavy reverb. Retrieved July 15, Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean.


Motoi Sakuraba – Wikipedia

Monster Hunter 10th Anniversary Compilation Album. Shining the Holy Xakuraba. The Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile games have been their keystone productions. Dawn of the Shepherd. The Last Hope[5] Golden Sun: Tales of Eternia Online.

In recent years, he has made efforts towards expanding his style even further, becoming an accomplished symphonist and a versatile arranger. Blue Sphere and Valkyrie Profile.