I’ll just have guilt from my love of the HP books that’ll make me lie to myself and pretend that I’m enjoying it. She is an amazing author, with an incredible mind. Yes, there is violence. She hits on all imaginable human foibles. It ends on a semi-positive note, with a hint of a hope that things will get better – which felt fairly realistic. Add to the mix surly teenagers, drugs, sex, casual rape, bullying, domestic violence, lies, cheating, indifference, prejudice, self-mutilation, neglect, verbal abuse, desperation, almost-murder – and you have some idea of what The Casual Vacancy is about.

morte subita jk rowling pdf

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What about the bad reviews? No mention of magic.

I knew I would. Where else would you find jealousy, illegal drug usage, prostitution, teenage sex, LGBT relationships, parental abuse, neglect, cutting, hope, pedophilia, boy band obsession, social politics, power struggles, rape, fear, betrayal, unrequited love, and more f-bombs than Sam Jackson drops in the average movie This book has been much maligned in reviews.

Especially while reading this book.

morte subita jk rowling pdf

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I could complain that her sentences were often winding, multiple clauses abound, sometimes causing confusion and forcing re-reads – but that is the distinct style she so often uses, which is something I have come to enjoy; and once I got going, I almost didn’t notice it. With all evidence to the contrary, The Casual Vacancy hasn’t really sullied my opinion of her; I still think she’s brilliant, now I just know she’s human.


Rowling’s Depiction of Sikhs”.

MORTE SÚBITA de J.K. Rowling | Renan Nunes – Vídeo Dailymotion

Frankly, I need a bit of both; I dpf a balanced plot. Retrieved 28 September And because it’s by her, I can’t believe I gave up. Did I have favourites, you bet. Gripped and comfortable with the language, the flow, the pace, the place and the people: But hey – if character studies are not your cup of Earl Grey, you will definitely doze off over the plus pages of this novel.

Now that is an achievement that most writers don’t manage, making me think about their characters after I’ve put a book down. There was something very childish about the writing of the Harry Potter books.

morte subita jk rowling pdf

Every other character ranged from depressing to despicable. You have made magic out of the extraordinary ordinary.

The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling

The Casual Vacancy This is a great story-telling. What can I say? She’s done it seven times before. Subta has said that this book is completely different from what HP had given us. Where are my expectations? Moreover, whatever is being termed here as adult, is fucking reality of our society.


The Casual Vacancy

For a seat vacated during an assembly’s term, see casual vacancy. There ssubita heartbreaking scenes in this book, but they are essential to go through because it is a forcing of the reader to notice the pain of others — in a way that many of us probably do not in real life.

Of course there were some similarities. It was never intentional.

morte subita jk rowling pdf

Cut her some slack, I hear you say; her husband just died. Mitford became Rowling’s heroine, and Rowling subsequently read all of her books. Preview — The Casual Vacancy by J. So, yeah, it does feel familiar.