Game Arcade Platformer Multi Screen I player this game for a few hours when i was, like, 4 years old, on an old console I don’t even remember maybe Colecovision. The computer versions of Montezuma’s Revenge thus came on “flippy” disks with the Commodore and Atari ports piggybacked and likewise for the Apple and IBM versions. This page was last edited on 14 September , at The pyramid is nine floors deep, not counting the topmost entry room that the player drops into at the start of each level, and has 99 rooms to explore.

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If you lose all your lives without finishing a single level, press the fire button a couple of times at the game over screen and you’ll get a new set of lives and are allowed to pick up where you left off, losing your score but keeping your items. Your task is, to help Panama Joe cross a labyrinth inside a fortress, to find the fantastic treasure revemge Montezuma. Montezmuas call him Panama Joebecause he is tough, intelligent and cunning.

Just one click to download at full speed! Text of the website RetroGames. Inprogress was made on general algorithms which could learn to play multiple games, but they failed on Montezuma’s Revenge and Pitfall! As Panama Joe, you move from room to room gathering keys to open doors, avoiding various enemies and traps, gathering treasures to score points, and gathering equipment to help you along your way, such as torches to light dark rooms and swords to eliminate enemies without losing a life.


List of top downloads. Starting with level 3, the entire pyramid is open for exploration. Obstacles are laser gates, conveyor belts, disappearing floors and fire pits.

A version was released for the Master System in The player has a limited number of inventory slots for carrying items, and cannot collect any other items or jewels if all slots are filled. The original disk version contains many features omitted from the smaller cartridge versions, including an animated title and character introduction, replacement mintezumas bonus life animations, a high-score entry screen, and a bat obstacle.

Chapter II – Vohaul’s Revenge. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Map of level 2.

Montezuma’s Revenge

Atari games became challenges for Artificial intelligence researchers. Mr Vampire 0 point Commodore 64 version. MyAbandonware More than commodofe games to download for free! The History of Metroidvania”. I player this game for a few hours when i was, like, 4 years old, on an old console I don’t even remember maybe Colecovision.

What makes Montezuma’s Revenge so addictive is hard to describe– it’s the combination of action, puzzle, devious level design, and innumerable additional touches.

That’s what’s most important to him. Panama Joe must find keys to open doors, collect and use equipment such as torches, swords, amulets, etc. The goal is to reach the Treasure Chamber, whose entrance is in the center room of the lowest level.


At the beginning you can choose from the first three.

This screen is unfinished, and therefore the original version of the game cannot be completed. Map of level 1. The objective is to score points by gathering jewels and killing enemies along the way. Map of level 5.

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Montezuma’s Revenge Commodore 64 cover. There are nine commodpre levels in all. List of new games here Follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Though the basic layout of the pyramid remains the same from one level to the next, small changes in details force the player to re-think strategy. Pedromoving him from room to room in the labyrinthine underground pyramid of the 16th century Aztec temple of emperor Montezuma IIfilled with enemies, obstacles, traps, and dangers.