Andria And the number of skins available is now up to a baker’s dozen — 13, 4 of which are all-original, made just for Mojo. I’ve also created a link to your site on the community downloads to make it a little easier to find without searching the forums. What a cool anniversary present! We actually have a choice of built-in GridView themes and you can choose the one you like best and add it to your style. All Artisteer skins need this because their jQuery code is not yet compatible. Oooooh, is that what happened?

mojoportal skins

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Colorbox has been updated and now has a different path to each style. Leave about 30px margin at the top for the standard mojoPortal links, depending on the design the margin will be needed on the Sheet, Header, or Menu Right click the topmost heading the center of the Artisteer design and make sure it is not hiding the article title.

You could also add http: Before posting questions here you should review the documentation about creating skins. We also changed the behavior of the alternate content panes so that if they have no content they are hidden by default. While I don’t doubt for a minute that people choose frameworks based on the the appearance I think it is a poor way to choose. Therefore it is a good idea to keep an eye on changes mentioned in the blog release announcements.

mojoPortal Custom Skins/Themes

Please keep in mind what you end up with will probably not be a great website design. We actually have a choice of built-in GridView themes and you can choose the one you like best and add it to your style.


Other skins do not need these changes.

mojoportal skins

How to Easily Create a mojoPortal Skin Using Artisteer If you don’t want to develop a skin yourself or pay someone else to do it, you can use Artisteer or any other automated tool, really. Custom skins need one of these added to the style. To Install the Plugin, extract the. Thanks a lot for sharing your work with the mojoPortal community! Oooooh, is that what happened? If you are using any of the Artisteer skins or skins based on the jqueryui-1 skin, there are a few new entries needed in the theme.

Free downloadable Mojo skins A place for discussion about skinning and design. As of version 2.

Posted by mojoPortal Friday, August 31, 5: For it to work you need to add this in layout. The following is an example of CSS I added to some of the included skins: Now instead of adding things to the in the user. To update an existing skin created in Artisteer 3.

I just discovered via Francisco’s blog http: If you include the allskins one, it contains both of the skins for jPlayer and then mojoporta can specify which skin is used by setting this custom CSS class to either bluemonday or pinkflag. Design Resources for mojoPortal skins. I’m going to look through there and find a few designs to convert myself, but thought I would point out these sites for anyone else interested.

Design Resources for mojoPortal skins – mojoPortal

Just wanted to post a notice for anyone who’d like to see some new skins for Mojo, I have ekins some mojoporfal the templates Sikns designed for Joomla! Do not change the default css prefix from art- to something else in the export options.


If using an older custom skin you need to update your skin as follows:. System Requirements Artisteer 4. Keep in mind that the content in the Artisteer design is not used in mojoPortal, for our purposes it is just filler content to show what the design will look like, it is not part of the skin.

Rustic Cabin is my husband’s favorite too — as noted on its demo page, it’s where we lived when we got married and conceived our son — really terrific memories! With the addition of new options for displaying a short author bio on Html content instances and in the Blog, you may need to add some CSS to style it.

As mojoPortal content management system continues to evolve it is fairly common that new CSS is added over time for new or changed features. While I don’t think choosing a framework based on how the included skins look is the best way to choose I can’t deny that people do choose that way and therefore it would boost the popularity of the project if we had some better looking skins.

mojoportal skins