You will need to visit your Outland trainer to mine further ore, to find this trainer please refer to the Training section of the guide. If you are the right level to go in them. Maybe you were just having an off day. Other then the caves follow the path around the map to find more veins. If you don’t follow this picture you will have to go running around all the map to find your way around. About Wowhead Wowhead was created with one sole intent: When you visit the trainer to get your next skill level it is a good idea to deposit your ore in the Auction House or your Bank, this maximises the amount of time you are spending out in the field, so to speak.

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Arathi Highlands When you reach mining you will need to go back to your trainer and get the next skill level.

You will find [Copper Ore] all along this route. Xddon could use a Gnomish Army Knife if you can get your hands on one. However it has one of the best ore counts that you will find. Mining – [Tin Veins] and [Silver Veins]:. If you are the right level to go in them. User login Log in using OpenID: The addon does not track like a tracking ability miningg, rather it “remembers” where you have found various items in the past. Hive areas are a complex system of tunnels going into the earth there is allot of [Thorium Veins] down in these.


Now you can simply load up Gatherer, plug this database into it and know what can be found mniing the zone you are in, without having to discover them yourself.

Mining Guide ~ Warmane Guides and Updates

This [Mining] route is one of the most competitive in the game. Smelting This part of the guide is dedicated to levelling by smelting, this will level your Mining faster than if you go out and get all of 3.3.5 ore yourself, but it will cost you. Enter your search terms.

Because of this I did not take it any further as this guide is principly about leveling mining as quick as possible. Neutral Jedidiah Handers in Dalaran; this trainer is in Dalaran so is for both factions.

Here you should aim adon Tin mostly, but if you pick up Copper it is not a bad thing as you can sell it, or you can smelt it with the Tin to make Bronze.

There is a good amount of [Thorium Veins] down there but you must be high enough level to get to them. You can mine [Rich Cobalt Deposit] all the way to if you wish but there will be more zones posted. So please follow this guide and you should have no issues.

Mining – [Mithril Deposit] and [Truesilver Deposit]:. This reduces the number of adodn that your professions will take up. Of course if you are leveling in Hillsbrad and spot a node go for it!


Mining 1-450

I guess Blizzard designed it this way. Currently I am using this Gatherer version which miing fine but I can’t find a working database addon in order to import the data. Maybe it is incomplete but still helpful. About how long would you say it will take from ? If that is the case then just skip that part of the map and pick up on the path in lower level areas.

Thanks for reading, I hope this has helped. This [Mining] route is were your going to want to spend most your time though these levels. I’m there minijg now and there’s a Thorium vein literally every hundred feet.

Wow mining addon 3.3.5

Originally Posted by zerobyter Originally Posted by houm. Zddon you are aiming to be mining Saronite. You can now mine Adamantite Ore this will take you all the way to although you can stop at as this is the minimum skill for mining Cobalt Ore which is very lucrative at the moment.

This is the guy who recommended not to do the Shimmering Flats, and i have another tip!: