MiniDLNA is updating, I know this because if I edit the name of the server and restart it, the client shows these changes. It should serve the pictures as well but with the same permissions or only in the local network. If you want you can also look at the database file directly using an sqlite browser or look at the web interface on port to see the number of files it finds. There is one glaring omission however. In summary, the most reliable way to have MiniDLNA rescan all media files is by issuing the following set of commands: Additionally, in order to have inotify working, the file-system must support inotify events, which is not the case in most remote file-systems.

minidlna freenas

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I restarted minidlna several times, but only when files.

MiniDLNA access permissions

This option has nothing to do with inotify. AzP already provided most of the information, but some of it is incorrect. The following instructions apply to NAS4Free v9. I had Minidlna up and running in no time.

It always defeats order, because it is better organized. Furthermore, a link to the actual Nas4Free forum post would have been appropriate.



I had Plex before and I liked it a lot, but I store my movies for example as Image, which Kodi can read, but Plex not. Actually I’d recommend against using sudo minidlna -R.

minidlna freenas

In my screenshot below I have checked the Permit Root Login option, this is optional but useful. Okay, so inhabitants of the remote networks can’t see mminidlna share, but what about clients that connect from remote through VPN directly to my “home” network? Freenxs you want you can also look at the database file directly using an sqlite browser or look at the web interface on port to see the number of files it finds.

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Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. If it’s not enabled, and you don’t want to monidlna it, a forced rescan is the way to force MiniDLNA to re-scan the drive.

minidlna freenas

If you can update it with your OMV v3. AzP AzP 1 1 gold badge 13 13 silver badges 23 23 bronze badges. Since I use Kodi on my clients, which offers media metatagging on each client, I do not need it server-based. Here is a client-side script to request a rescan on such a server: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by frewnas. My value isI don’t remember setting that though. MiniDLNA showing up on client, files are not showing It usually takes a little while to build the database.


dlna – Why is the minidlna database not being refreshed? – Stack Overflow

I have the same problem. Notify me of new posts via email. To get it to work, you need inotify support enabled in your kernel. Dipen Dipen 2 2 freenax badges 4 4 silver badges 12 12 bronze badges.

MiniDLNA access permissions – Plugins – openmediavault

In the sense that if the file itself hash, time created or something else does not change then minidlna will use an old version of info it created for this file.

Clean install of 3. Did you get anywhere with this problem?

minidlna freenas

AzP and that’s one of the incorrect things you said. From here you can rebuild your sql database using the minidlna. In Ihrem Webbrowser ist JavaScript deaktiviert.