Mason H March 15, 6: Altimus Xaktarak January 9, 4: How do I fix this? Download latest forge universal from here: Then I transferred some mods from the CrazyCraft modpack for 1. And where would be a safe website for me to download it? In order to run the portal gun mod you need iChun Util, that I know, but do you need forge in order to run it too?

minecraft ichun util 2.1.0

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I do not care June 16, 9: Salam October 17, You need to download any version of Minecraft Forge.

iChunUtil – Feed The Beast Wiki

When i opened minecraft it worked. Calling tweak class net. Thesbeta March 26, It freezes upon adding IChunUtil to a Modpack icuhn with that launcher. Join the conversation You can post now and register later.

RadDevVan July 14, 4: Niek June 6, 5: I love Gravity Gun mod, but when i install IChunutil the minecraft mobs textures start to disappear and steve also starts to losing some textures like arms legs even is head!


minecraft ichun util 2.1.0

Coro March 25, Why are there so many August 20, 9: My IchunUtil is not working. Latest version of forge is 5.

minecraft ichun util 2.1.0

The morph mod looked super awesome, but when i downloaded it, then downloaded this iChun util thing too, for 1. I want to use this in Minecraft 1. WaterGal May 28, YouShotMeTwice August 10, 7: When i drop the zip file into the mods file, i cant start the server it crashes. The Unoriginal Character January 19, 7: Some guy April 28, 8: I have downloaded Sync Mod and placed it in the mods folder but whenever I run Minecraft, it goes black and gives me this report of why it crashed.

Answered on the FAQ. BladeOfInferno July 2, 3: Forge Mod Loader has found a problem with your minecraft installation The mods and versions listed below could not be found.

Topic Problème avec des mods et forge

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Anyways, seen gameplay of this mod and it looks fantastic.


The real one April 26, 5: Found 0 ItemStackHolder annotations [ The Ultimate Cyborg July 23, Adrian Clarke May 29, 1: If you were minecragt doing the same as me then this will help. Loading screen debug info This is just a prompt for computer specs to be printed.

Muffer August 22, 7: EtCetera May 21, 2: Forge Mod Loader version 8.