If you have any onboard graphics make sure Java isn’t accidentally using them you’ll have to google for how to check that , make sure your graphics are up-to-date, and Java and Forge. Post 17 Mar , Last edited by AranhaPreta on 30 Jul , I’m new to this texture pack, and I’ve only used it once before. I do not see the GUI’s special

minecraft hexxit sphax 64x64

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Hexxit was maybe just setup better than your current modpack. Changelog March 13th v2. Download the base texture pack for MC 1. All texture compilations WIP and full releases for mod packs go in here.

minecraft hexxit sphax 64x64

You can try installing Opis minedraft see if you can pin it down. If you want to try to turn off the Antrioscopic Filtering in the Video Settings as well as turning on Advanced OpenGL in the same menu, it might help, but it might not.

Slayrox Sphax Edit

Post 19 Jan I don’t get what’s going on D:. Feel free to PM me! For any support you are able to go to the official repository and get an answer to any question or problem. Cutlass, new blocks and items.


minecraft hexxit sphax 64x64

You must allocate more memory for hexxit, you can do this using 64×4 launcher. Gear up and set forth on a campaign worthy of legend, for Hexxit has been unearthed!

[x – 32x] Hexxit [MC] – Page 2 – Community

PM me if you’re interested. Lay claim to riches or create your own artifacts, tame beasts and carve out your own story in endless wonder.

Sorry if there any mniecraft English is not my native language. Maybe they had certain tweaks they used. Last edited by AranhaPreta on 30 Jul Post 28 Mar If you like a post give it a diamond! This website works better with JavaScript.

You can also try increasing the amount of RAM you give minecraft. This website works better with JavaScript.

minecraft hexxit sphax 64x64

Technical assistance with our resourcepacks, website, or general help with Minecraft – including mods. Tried with zero resource packs and still same result. Hey just want to say i just love you for making textures for hexxit its so awesome.


Hexxit is crashing when the hexxit patch is added to bdcraft – Community

OR it’s the same?? Hi Just a slight problem, I installed the 64×64 on my hexxit and it only shows up the textures for the mods and not the vanilla parts which instead come up with the default textures Added textures for all Tools, Swords, Kamas, and some items. 64d64 is an issue I cannot really fix.

So I decided to get the 32x, which is lovely Post 04 Jul Post 13 Mar I know it’s a big ask, but yes, could you do a 32x? Hey, great texture pack, absolutely love it. Post 22 Jul Maybe you’ve missed a minceraft that you were using in Hexxit.