Flail A flail to swing at pigmen! Shooting a mob from nearby deals much more damage. The poison will not kill the mob, but often the mob remains with half a heart left. This is the crafting recipe: To load the cannon, make sure you have gunpowder in your inventory, and right click on the cannon with a cannonball. Spear A spear to hunt a cow! Does as much damage and has the same knockback as the halberd, but does huge damage to blocks, depending on the weapon material.

minecraft balkons weapon mod 1.7 2

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minecraft balkons weapon mod 1.7 2

If a mob is ill, he will get damage over time, and has a small chance to heal from the illness. Same as when aiming upwards.

Login and play as normal. You can place it wherever you want, and mount it.

Balkon’s Weapon Mod [1.7.10] [1.6.4] [1.5.2]

Right click to switch from slashing to stabbing mode! And the musket round: Home Minecraft Mods Minecraft 1. The knockback is small. It does when it is set on fire, explodes or omd it falls from too high. After you shot the round you need about 2 seconds of reload time. Shoot some slimes in pieces with an old musket. Warhammer A warhammer to squeeze a slime! Monday, September 30, There are new melee weapons, throwable weapons, bow-type weapons and even some miscellaneous items, like training dummies.


Click “Edit Profile” in the launcher, then open the game directory Go into the subfolder “versions”. A blunderbuss A blunderbuss to deal with an squad of zombies!

And the blowgun dart: Right click to throw it. Download the Forge-Auto-Installer compatible to your Minecraft version Install the Minecraft Forge using the Auto-Installer Download the Mod ” ” in the right column Forge here Click “Edit Profile” in the Minecraft launcher, then wepaon the game directory Extract the downloaded zip file directly in the first game directory folder Select the new profile “Forge” and the Minecraft version e. Cut a skeleton in half with your brand new halberd.

The ball will follow you where you go, right clicking it again will swing it. It shoots blowgun darts, which are poisonous. Modloader Mods Open the new launcher and make sure the version of Minecraft the mod requires is already installed.

To load the cannon, make sure you have gunpowder in your wweapon, and right click on the cannon with a cannonball. Golden weapons all do a little more knockback.


Controllable Mod for Minecraft 1. There are several Minecraft mods that add new weapons to the game.

minecraft balkons weapon mod 1.7 2

Shoots further than a bow, and with a small deviation, but it has a minecratt time. It does less damage than a sword and has a small knockback.

minecraft balkons weapon mod 1.7 2

Open the class files from the mod with an archiver 7-Zip and copy-paste the files into 1. Place the dummy with right clicking. It does as minecravt damage as a sword and has a big knockback. Flexible Skills Mod for Minecraft 1. Spear A spear to hunt a cow!

Balkon’s Weapon Mod / | Mods for Minecraft

Holding right mouse button reloads it, and when reloaded, holding right mouse button increases power. Once placed, they can balkohs mounted, much like a horse, then used to fire at any nearby enemies, including those nasty flying ghasts from The Nether. Where you can find out anything for utilities of Minecraft.