Thanks for all the effort to make this happen. Turns out that I had a bad stub. I hope you can manage this firmware to work with the D in the future. November 20, , Free Memory test passed animation. What you are experiencing is rather common and not something that is specific to the 1. Walter Schulz on November 07, ,

magic lantern t5i

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Include strstr in ML core.

The actual resolution will be x You have to upscale it to p, This what Canon does in H. ,agic should work as good as the D one unless I screwed it up.

Magic Lantern 4K mod coming to Canon 700D/T5i

November 20, Greetings, Styler2go And thank you so much, nanomad! Please help us fix any such links from your forum posts! CPU usage is the same so there shouldn’t be any added battery drain.

magic lantern t5i

Oops–not working so great. I read a lot i still mxgic figure out how to get 10 bit raw on my d. February 11, Just did some test shots on the D and its max resolution, non-crop, and I am very surprised how good the quality is. I have one and have good C skills. I will try that newest version of MLV Producer.


I mainly use ML for video. DuduPonte — Have you tried Walter’s suggests yet? Double-check battery and card doors, run the diagnostic tools and get in touch with us. To restore ML defaults: I am too afraid to destroy the camera.

Thank you for spending time on this “new” lantedn.

magic lantern t5i

Plesse give detailed info about your Eye-Fi card. I’ll dig into this when my wife finishes celebrating her birthday–last year it took a week!

Kharak on November 26, I just installed ml on a friends d and was wondering about the colum binning, is it like a mini 5d3 now, low moire and aliasing? To restore the camera to factory state, you may also want to clear all camera settings and custom functions from Canon menu. I am not that good that i could generate my own d versions. So without further ado, here’s a D. Troubleshooting Camera doesn’t boot?

Semms like it is running on the D Hi, How about D. I just found out that setting the Canon Recording to p 25p makes the Framerate right again, it was on p 24p.


November 28, One more issue worth noting is that it won’t save lossless compressed full resolution silent pictures. Merged unified into edmac.

Magic Lantern Nightly Builds

I am a web and Windows developer, so maybe i could help in any way. I recorded a 5 minute clip using 12bit lossless and all was fine until I started waving the camera around like crazy.

November 26, Well done for getting on with it.