The distributive numeral 3. Will we invite them or not? Stem ending in a vowel, mostly -u 4. The climate is temperate continental; there are oceanic influences from the west, Mediterranean influences from the southwest, and excessive continental influences from the northeast. Basic rules of forming the present subjunctive 4. The film is much less interesting than the novel. Mi-a trimis trandafirii ieri.

lucian cojocaru de-oi muri

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I give the book to the boy! Hey, Ion, do you hear me? The book is on the table by the door.

Lucian Cojocaru Eu nopti la rand beam si chefuiam – HD Vdieos Portal

In fact, the former are more frequent in standard speech, while the latter are less common. There are, however, some instances when the usage of the article differs from English. However, the Romance languages developed specialized forms of expressing politeness through pronouns.

As a rule, the pronouns precede the verbal form. Mi-a trimis garoafa ieri. Fratele ei are doar 4 ani. The fight we had in the evening made me feel sad. Degrees of comparison of the adverb 5. I never see you. V-a trimis luccian ieri.


How do you feel? Stem of the infinitive ending in a consonant 4. I’m speaking with Maria.

lucian cojocaru de-oi muri

There are 41 counties plus the capital city, which has a county status, towns, of which 80 are municipalities, and 2, communes with 13, villages. The reinforcing function of cel, cea, cei, cele is prominent in constructions where the noun is modified both by a descriptive adjective and a possessive one.

The interrogative pronoun cine 3. Romania borders on the Republic of Moldova to the northeast and east Don’t worry cojocatu money, everything will be fine. The dean handed in the diplomas to the students.

lucian cojocaru de-oi muri

Forming the negative of the verbs 4. Acestea sunt prietenele tale. Oanei I will buy her a book. The genitive and the dative of the cardinal numerals 3.

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Andrew is an American. The indefinite pronouns ceva, altceva and orice 3. They came earlier than we did. The grammatical meaning of a word is reflected by a change in its case.


The elision of the initial vowel in the unstressed forms of the pronoun ckjocaru the negation nu, or of the vowel -u in the negation nu before the feminine pronoun o is not required, but it is very common in actual speech. These are read as [ii]. The forms of the pronoun of reinforcement are: At the grammatical level, Romanian is one of the most conservative Romance languages, which is due to the fact that the speakers belonged to a marginal area, isolated from the rest of the Romance world.

I was at your place yesterday.