Lordz .io

Lordz.io is a brand new game, an enhanced version in the io style. Our hero came to an amazing and completely unfamiliar planet. His ship is broken, and he decides to stay in this vast world and study it alone. As always, your main task will be to survive in the wild by collecting various resources and materials.

You can collect tools in Lordzio, make weapons and armor, build various buildings and so on. The planet looks like a real paradise in the daytime, but when night falls, fierce creatures and terrible secrets may hide in the dark. You will need to build fortifications, extract resources and food in order to survive. Improvise, because you have many opportunities with which you can create this world as you want.

Proceed to Lordz.io game, create your character and customize its appearance. Play, fulfill missions and enjoy freedom of action! How long can you live on this strange planet?

Lordz .io

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