Little big snake .io

Do you dream that you will grow a huge snake with an unusual color? Start playing with the popular Little big snake game and you will not notice how the time flew by. Uncomplicated plot, bright and beautiful graphics, funny hero with eyes. Playing Littlebigsnake online, it would seem, is easy, the rules are simple, but there are plenty of active rivals around. Can get caught quite inactive, they should be turned into food, substituting under the stupid muzzle of the side. Do not relax, because you are also easy prey for more clever pythons. We must try very hard not to let ourselves be trapped, otherwise death is inevitable.

In total, there are approximately 10 sites where gamers from all over the world are represented. Join them is very simple, write your nickname to your worm and do not fill the first level, however, it’s not so scary. You can play Little big snake without limits. Try to avoid contacts from which the real danger is coming. If you feel the approach of enemies – accelerate, giving a little body. Restore easily – swallow fireflies along the way.

Experience and agility will enable to implement new strategies for eliminating enemies and additional food. Little big snake io is useful for children, of course, in certain doses, develops small motor skills and logical thinking. Here, the gameplay with friends is possible, together you will create unsurpassed combinations that will help in the victory over reptiles. Try this browser simulator, you will be satisfied with what is happening on the screen.

Little big snake .io

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