No matter what you changed. The funny thing is: How can ubuntu make such mistakes? Thank you in advance! It won’t install before this SRU because it Depends: Fresh install of Bionic and my V now works. Would it be possible for you to install esci-interprete r-gt-f ignoring the missing dependency?

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After these steps you can attach your scanner and turn it on. The information about this bug in Launchpad is automatically pulled daily from the remote bug. Seems time that I should try what happens when I attach the XP locally, then it needs another plugin than networkscan.

Now we have a non-working set of software without a feasible workaround maybe except for phone camera. I reinstalled newer drivers from HP site hp took over samsung printers and scanners but still doesn’t work. Michael Barraclough Are you on 32 bit? May I kindly why don’t “we” revert the “improvement” to the previous state and happily use our scanners for everyday work and fun?

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If you don’t want to enable the proposed repository the easiest way is to download the files and install them from local. Let libsane.so1. know if i can help testing things.


In the above I didn’t copy-and-paste the additional info that about packages can be autoremoved after removing libsane1 because after removing all applications that depend on gtk many libraries are unused. Thanks for the support. So then I libsane.so1.

the udev-epson. A libsane-extras package containing some not-yet-included backends is available separately. But my Epson V is not recognized. You still can try the zesty version: As soon downloading of firmware has finished you can use the scanner by either Simple-scan, iScan or Xsane if installed.

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And if each manufacturer would try to create all the symlinks needed in order to make the drivers work on all the libsanes.o.1 distries that tend to be broken in different ways that would clearly be prone to create conflicts.

After installing libsane1 1. Henry Goldstein henryg wrote on Jeremy only a comment: Daniel Eckl daniel-eckl wrote on If the changes are backported to ubuntu afterwards, that is. Installed the prereleased libsane-common, libsane1, sane-utils: But its not the “sudo”. Here is the command for debugging: How can ubuntu make such mistakes?


Im sorry but https: Should work well with most Epson driver. I think we can fix this instead by adding a transitional package libsane which will depend on libsane1. It will start to download the firmware you can see some blinking lights and hear some noise.

Package: libsane (1.0.24-8+deb8u2)

But I’ve always read that everyone is invited in fixing bugs in ubuntu packages Comment on this change optional. Hopefully this bug will be fixed eventually, but for now I found an ugly workaround made my Brother scanner brscan3 driver work again.

Hello, force dpkg install –force-all the installation doesn’t solve the problem, so I think that the “provides” will not solve anything. I wouldn’t call it “being functional”.