As I have done with modified official models, I would leave a link to this forum to give credit where it is due. Select “File” and then select “Export model”. To activate the Lego Worlds filter, go to the bottom left of the screen. However, we can create our own model files for almost anything from inside Lego Worlds. Endeavour by Odyssey – LXF. Click on the Download Now button to download the desired version.

lego digital designer lxf model file

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Milouuu, where are you?

But have to be a little arrogant and agree that it’s better than TLG’s version. One or more models can be put into a scene, with additional floor and background, one or more light sources and a camera that determines how is the scene is viewed. Like what Superkalle said, when a certain MOC involves an LXF it could be posted here since it presents an opportunity for other members to analyze the LXF, critique on it, and learn from one’s design.

HELP – Guide to LDD – LEGO Digital Designer Tutorial

Chris Solomon 28 nov. Sorry you need to upgrade to the Pro Plan before you can use this feature. Go to Bugs Forum Close. Link to the LXF. Or you can try refreshing this page.

No offense but, Lego Digital Dkgital has some cool abilities. Thanks for your contribution and looking forward for your brickbuilt version in the SW forum. I have not been able to find any good general text tutorials on LEGO Digital Designer, because nowadays, tutorials are mostly done in video.


lego digital designer lxf model file

Thank you legolintjeour first contributor! Please note the disclaiming below the download buttons: In the very least to let EB members know it’s here and how to use it, but also because it’s such a fantastic source of ideas, techniques designre great MOC’s.

.LXF File Extension

If needed, add a shortcut to the desktop and then click next. From here you can select individual bricks from the left side fiel the screen and place them on to the grid by left clicking. At some point, it will probably come to Mecabricks, but lots of things have to be kept in mind.

If you want to rotate a brick, use the arrow keys while holding the brick. The opening dialog shows a selection panel on the right with recently used models, an “Open another file” icon and a “Free build” icon. Thanks for your contribution Giovanne! It can be anything that is not a character, vehicle, or prop.

Lego digital designer models – Bricksafe

A bit off topic, but you’re spell my username wrong. Usually the proces is much easier to follow in LDD itself. Thanks for doing this, KDMand congrats on your recent promotions. LDD ought to be released as open-souce, and the fan community should be allowed to fork it and add new features, and add more parts to the LDD parts database.


While installing or using the Lego Digital Designer program, you may or may not experience some errors. To solve this, I directly downloaded the 4.

lego digital designer lxf model file

To find it, select the “browse files” option. Old Library by efin – LXF. Sorry I’ve just realised how this works – so you don’t need to do anything – pointless post.

If you get an error message that says the program “can’t be opened because it wasn’t downloaded from the Mac Leego Store,” right-click the downloaded file and select Open.

lego digital designer lxf model file

Me again Here’s another one I’ve just updated This is a guide that will fille how to set up Lego Digital Designer and how it can be used to add new models to Lego Worlds. In LDD you can browse through the building proces and actually see where each individual part is placed, as the proces is animated and the parts literally fall down into the model.