Such facts as are available suggest that the latter have a slight advantage. As a rule, the best way for the interrogator to keep the relationship on an even keel is to maintain the same quiet, relaxed, and open-minded attitude from start to finish. Such a person has usually had a great deal of over-indulgence in early life. And sometimes seemingly rambling monologues about personal matters are preludes to significant admissions. Please let me know when I can expect to receive a response, or if further clarification is needed. The examination of his bona fides , accordingly, is often less searching.

kubark counterintelligence interrogation

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An interrogation is not merely a verbal performance; it is a vocal performance, and the voice projects tension, fear, a dislike of certain topics, and other useful pieces of information. Detention poses the most common of the legal problems.

Moral considerations aside, the imposition of external techniques of manipulating people kuvark with it the grave risk of later lawsuits, adverse publicity, or other ihterrogation to strike back. Even though the interrogator now has the screening product, the rough classification by type, he needs to understand the subject in his own terms. The interrogator should resist this tendency. So do persons who falsely confess to crimes.

This manual cannot teach anyone how to be, or become, a good interrogator. At other times the probability of resistance is established without screening: But the anticipation of withholding increases rather than diminishes, the value of rapport.

MDR for Full Text of July “KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation” Manual • MuckRock

It is useful to recognize in advance whether the information desired would be threatening or damaging in any way to the interests of the interrogates.


His convictions that “something will turn up”, that “everything will work out all right”, is based on his need to avoid his own responsibility for events and depend upon a kindly fate. Manipulative techniques – still keyed to the individual but brought to bear upon him from outside himself – then become necessary.

Basically, all schemes for labelling people are wrong per se; applied arbitrarily, they always produce distortions. Of the four traits listed, a genuine insight into the source’s character and motives is perhaps most important but least common.

However real cooperation is achieved, its existence seems to act as a deterrent to later hostility. Moreover, conversion may create a useful and enduring asset. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Or he may remain silent when accused, enjoying the “punishment. If an interrogatee lies persistently, an counterintflligence may report and dismiss him ibterrogation a “pathological liar.

Confrontation of two or more suspects with each other in order to produce recriminations or admissions is especially dangerous if not preceded by separate interrogation sessions which have evoked compliance from one of the interrogatees, or at least significant admissions involving both.

kubark counterintelligence interrogation

Suddenly the interrogator pops his head through the doorway and is angry on seeing B and the guard. Pressure tactics or hostility will make them retreat inside themselves, whereas reassurance will bring them out. Interrogation rooms should be windowless, soundproof, dark and without toilets. Most persons have areas of guilt in their emotional topographies, and an interrogator can often chart these areas just by noting refusals to follow certain lines of questioning.

Please let me know when I can expect to receive a response, or if further clarification is needed. Children reared in homes lacking in ordinary affection and attention or in orphanages or state-run communes may become adults who belong to this category. In either event, he is unlikely to cause serious trouble in the future.


If the subject lies, he is informed firmly and dispassionately that he has lied. A calculated display of feeling employed for a specific purpose is an exception; but even under these circumstances the interrogator is in full control.

kubark counterintelligence interrogation

He is — and always has been — intensely concerned about his personal possessions. A principal goal during the opening phase is to confirm the personality assessment obtained through screening and to allow the interrogator to gain a deeper understanding of the source as an interrogatipn. He is frequently a daredevil who compensates for his anxiety by pretending that there is no such thing as danger.

The principle is that sessions should be so planned as to disrupt the source’s sense of chronological order.

MDR for Full Text of July 1963 “KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation” Manual

The peculiar intimacy of the interrogation situation and the very fact that the interrogator has deliberately fostered rapport will often lead the subject to talk about his doubts, fears, and other personal reactions.

If he has met severe frustrations in later childhood, he may be petulant, vengeful, and constantly demanding. The guilt-ridden character is hard to interrogate.