Krunker .io

Krunker .io firmly took the place in all the tournament tables of cyber sport, represents a struggle between two opposing forces: the command of special forces and an organized group of terrorists. The choice of the side for the player himself.

The differences between the parties are small: as the missions progress, different types of weapons are opened, and the cost is different. For each successful operation, the player receives bonuses that allow him to purchase the necessary modifications and improvements for the weapon in the store. You can apply the new things right there, just choose one of the additional combat modes. In these modes, fights go quickly, and the winner gets a reward.

Adrenaline in the blood and cold calculation, running under the whistling bullets and rescuing the hostages, these are feelings that in real life not so many people are going through. Now there are many places and countries where each person lives relatively peacefully and calmly, and various passions seem to be something far away and unreal. And where can you test yourself and show strength and will to live? To do this, at your disposal there is an excellent 3d shooter, created as a modification to the famous game of the late 90s of the last century and grew into a series of games of its own.

Krunker .io

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