I was shocked and recalled that song sung by Shiromi in her early teens. In , this “Shiromi Fan Club” President married her. Sri Lankan record labels Record labels established in Retrieved 25 September Sunil was a giant sized figure while Shiromi was slim baby looking girl..

konda namagena

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Manoharan[13] Priya SuriyasenaEranga and Priyanga, Spitfires, Milton Mallawarachchiand many more owe their stardom and fame in pop music to Sooriya. Retrieved from ” https: As she reached the peak in no time, konds became a household name.

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Retrieved 10 October Shiromi was never stopped from continuing her singing career by Sunil. Following namageha the translation of the song she sang for her friend who died of leukaemia years ago. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She was introduced to singing by her uncles who at that time were in the forefront in Sinhala pop music groups.

Country of origin Sri Lanka Official website www. The illness of Sunil lasted only ten days.

Inthis “Shiromi Fan Club” President married her. This page was last edited on 28 Septemberat But it was not Shiromi but her friend who was in that unfortunate condition.


konda namagena

Retrieved 13 October Sooriya went on to make a name for itself with its weekly radio programme ” The Sooriya Show ” [18] as well as with the always “Sold Out” Sooriya live concerts. Sunil was mad over her talented voice from college days.

Melroy walked to “The Island” editorial last week with these photographs of Shiromi and Sunil. Archived from the original on 3 March She once sang a song for a friend who was dying from Leukaemia. Be that as it may, they migrated to Canada in and led a happy life with the two grown up children. Prior to her departure to Canada she re-recorded the song done for her friend who died from Leukeamia.

konda namagena

Harischandra who designed the sleeves of most records and cassettes were also monumental figures of this era. Give my books, pencils and frocks and all what I jonda to a young girl who really needs them. Melroy, read a manner that Shiromi was pleading with her mother not nzmagena shed tears as her days were numbered.

This is that sad story of Shiromi who enthralled many fans as a little girl. Retrieved 8 September On September 20, Sunil found some watery flow in his eyes yellow in colour.

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As much as Sooriya was Gerald and Dulcie Wickremesooriya, Vijaya Corea has to be mentioned in the same breath as he was an integral part of building Sooriya and Sinhala pop music. The glamour of Sinhala pop”. I recognised my classmate Sunil in the photograph and asked whether Melroy did not know that his neice married my classmate. I was shocked and recalled that song sung by Shiromi in her early teens. Namagwna sad looking Melroy replied,”Prasad,I am here to unfold that Sunil is no more as a result of Leukaemia.


After extensive checks it was diagnosed that this giant sized man was suffering from Leukaemia.

konda namagena

Of them it was Melroy who was instrumental in introducing his little neice to singing. Mervyn Rodrigo, the recording engineer at Sarasavi Studio Kelaniya where most recordings were done and A. It looked naamgena if this song was following her in the mind.