With products, clear More information. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Includes dialog editor for server and auto-resume feature from both client and server. Can someone explain me the differences that justifies the gap of price between geovision’s cards and conexant’s one? Posted June 27,

kodicom diginet center software

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You need to adjust this according to the place where the camera is installed. Variable frame rate on Continuous Recording The variable frame rate feature was created for special cases where continuous recording is required. Center communication setup How How to to setup setup [Setup] Configurate system environment Click this button.

KODICOM. DigiNet Center User Guide. DigiNet

Speaker that is located inside the system will let you know site s situation by the sound. After choosing day and time from selected camera, selecting more than record mode will change selected time setup within selected time.

We never received any email from you concering problem woftware the DVR card, and we never sold a card with a software CD marked with only Digne 4. Then following window will appear. The 4 CH Kodicom is cool, but it has a design flaw. At the end of the installation, you should see a message window pop up and ask you haw many camera channel you want to install. If sensor is denter within selected time, related camera s image will be recorded or kodickm control will operate.


Save this manual for future use. How much did you pay 3.

The image will be selected automatically and displayed according to the sequence time.! These may be the model videonet Click on [Choose Beep Sound] if you wish Beep sound occurs only within the time you set. It also said it would sound an alarm before recording on motion using the pc speaker, not there, either internal or spftware even if I check the alarm”m” tab.

This function indicates Watermark authentication mark.

kodicom diginet center software

The 32 CH is like none I have ever seen. For best picture quality first make sure you go into the setup menu and choose the x option and then choose highest resolution on each camera. Quick Burn The Quick Burn feature allows a time frame that needs to ddiginet backed up to be selected visually from the search screen. And W2k has that repair feature.


DigiNet Software

Selected camera number will be indicated by darker color as shown below. Already have an account? Also, how is that 32 channel DVR? Ex Siren, lamp, or alarming lamp. It combines a high quality digital Video Camera with More information.

Main screen setup First screen Displays current date and time. Function introduction More information. It falls short of what Kodicom needs to process.

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The setup for this feature is located on the Recording Setup tab of the Setup menus. If you are buying your boards from overseas, csnter my be unknowingly guilty of Intellectual Property Theft. I am using conexant for private use so I dont care of the illegality of the card. This user manual is an operation More information.